July 27, 2021

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Steam Deck - Scalpers sell the console for 7000 PLN

Steam Deck – Scalpers sell the console for 7000 PLN

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July 17, 2021, 10:12

Valve was trying to protect Steam Deck sales from speculators. Unfortunately, the company is playing this battle, and the first offers at significantly exorbitant prices have already appeared on the Internet.


  • The first Steam Deck offers of scalping appeared on the web.
  • They occur despite the warranties used by Valve.
  • Console prices can exceed 7000 PLN.

Submit Steam Deck, Valve has highlighted a serious issue. The company made a decision قرار Believes Sell ​​your equipment to the speculators. So a number of limitations were introduced, such as the ability to reserve only one console per account and the need to make a small down payment. Unfortunately, we already know that Valve’s actions were a battle with the windmills.

In the online store ebay Because there were offers to sell Steam Deck at significantly inflated prices. The weakest price for the console can reach a price of more than 3000 PLN. The version with the largest disk capacity costs up to PLN 7000. Sometimes you can also notice very ridiculous prices, such as PLN 10,000, which testify to the optimism of sellers. The amounts that can be found on Steam are respectively 1899, 2499 and 3099 zlotys.

However, it is currently difficult to find any reason to buy Steam Deck from brokers. valve control unit still to ask We can from an official source that offers much lower prices. However, the offer to Internet users may be directed to residents of regions other than the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain and the European Union. At the moment, equipment can only be reserved in these areas.

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It may be a relief that there are currently not many scalper offers on the web. So far they cannot affect the situation of ordinary players who can order Steam Deck directly from the manufacturer.