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Steam Deck will show you which games are fully compatible with the platform. Valve has revealed the details

Steam Deck will show you which games are fully compatible with the platform.  Valve has revealed the details

Valve shared more information about the Steam Deck. Thanks to the developed verification system, gamers and developers will know well the ready-made games and they will work well on a mobile device. All news will be displayed in the Steam Mobile Library.

Steam Deck will offer gameplay in most products from the Steam catalog, but Valve representatives understand that some titles in the mobile version may not provide the full experience. The manufacturer has designed a “compliance process” – its main task is to communicate specific goals to developers. After completing it, players will receive information about products that fully use the capabilities of the device and work on the devices.

“Many games work great on Steam Deck without the need for any modification. The user may need to change some games, or they may only run with certain configurations. In contrast, other games may not provide a good experience on the mobile version or due to lack of Compatibility with software or components of the Steam Deck. The primary purpose of the compliance process is to make the game visible to customers of the following groups to which the game belongs by assigning a badge to each of them.”

This is how the above combinations of tags look like this:

  • Verified Your game has passed all compatibility tests. Users do not need to make any changes to access all game features.
  • possible to run –– Your game runs on Steam Deck, but may require the user to configure it manually (for example, the game requires the user to select a community console configuration, invoke an on-screen keyboard, or use the touch screen to navigate through the player).
  • not supported – Your game does not run on Steam Deck due to incompatibility with Proton or some hardware components.
  • Status unknown – The match assessment process for this game has not yet been completed. There is no information on how to play the game on Steam Deck.
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Valve will check the stuff very carefully so that they deliver the proper resolution on the new device (preferably: 1280 x 800 or maybe 1280 x 720), provide an “acceptable number of frames per second”, and players can read any text while playing. The official letter confirmed that the studios, relying on full verification, will have to improve the operation of the console, taking into account the appropriate appearance of the icons and the ability to enter text using the on-screen keyboard.

On Steam, customers will see special tags symbolizing a specific production collaboration with Steam Deck.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of the month Valve has released the official jailbreak for the mobile device.

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