October 18, 2021

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Steam will try again to fix the bug related to libraries with 25,000 games

Steam will try again to fix the bug related to libraries with 25,000 games

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May 19, 2021, 13:20

At the start of this week, the Steam app will receive a new update. According to the official description, one of its main functions is another attempt to eliminate a bug whereby owners of 25,000 or more games in their libraries can have the program crash or shut down automatically.

A quick glance

  1. Steam app received a new update.
  2. Among other things, it eliminates many errors related to, for example, incorrect operation of the program, when someone has more than 25,000 games in the library, or installing new items.

As ever we wrote About Steam record holders who have more than 25,000 games in their libraries. It is possible that Valve herself did not expect who could collect such a collection. We can infer this from the fact that those who do so may face problems with freezing or self-shutdown. The first attempt to fix this bug was made in April, but it appears not to be entirely successful. At the start of this week, Steam will receive another update, one of its main features is to fix exactly the same error. Will we be able to eliminate it permanently this time? Let’s hope so.

Steam’s latest app update, of course, has some things to offer for owners of less impressive game sets. For example, we got rid of errors with installing new products (especially if someone had a lot of addresses in their library) and later checking their files. Steam Input playback has also been improved (among other things, new joystick configuration options have been added and a minor issue with the wheel menu has been removed) and Steam Remote Play (for example, bugs that cause the client to break allowing broadcasts during its launch or game startup) .

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Valve also hasn’t forgotten people who have the Steam app installed on macOS and Linux. The former, apart from the aforementioned changes, could have the corrected error related to entering data in the browser with a mouse. On the one hand, the latter received, among other things, improved diagnoses.

Steam is back

The new Steam update is now available.

A Steam platform update proposal should appear shortly after launching the app. If you want more details about the changes they made, check out this place.

  1. The official website for the Steam platform