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Steven Seagal is already in Donbass. He supports Russia there

Steven Seagal is already in Donbass.  He supports Russia there

“How far can you fall?” Asks Business Ukraine, an independent magazine that deals with Ukrainian issues. On Twitter, “BU” posted pictures Steven SeagalWho will currently be in Olinevka. There, the Russians set up a “filter camp” in which they decide the fate of the Ukrainian population in the occupied territories. Olinivka prisoners – including the defenders of Azovstal – They should be subjected to cruel torture.

It now appears that former Hollywood movie star Steven Seagal is actively involved in the cover-up of war crimes committed by the Kremlin. He is imprisoned in Olenivka, where recently more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed,” Poe journalists wrote. This information was also provided by Oliver Alexander, a journalist who publishes, among others, in the “Washington Post” or “Der Spiegel.”

Tonight, information about Seagal’s stay in Olenivka was confirmed by the leader of the so-called Donetsk Republic, Denis Pozelin, who posted a photo with Seagal on Telegram. According to Pushlin, Seagal is making a documentary about the war in the Donbass. Puszylin quotes Seagal: “The world does not know the truth of this war, I want to change it.”

In July, Russia and the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, where the described “liquidation camp” is located, reported that more than 50 prisoners of war were killed as a result of the Ukrainian attack on the prison barracks in the village of Olenivka. This is part of Russian propaganda. Ukrainian side says about Deliberate assassination by the Russian army.

Steven Seagal is a friend of Vladimir Putin, who gave the Russian actor citizenship. He describes Russia’s Seagal as “one of the world’s greatest leaders” and said after the Russian attack on Ukraine that he had no intention of giving up his citizenship. In 2021, the actor received a membership card from the pro-Russian Fair Russia – Truth Party.

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In April, information appeared on social media that Steven Seagal had joined Russian forces attacking Ukraine. This news was first reported by Joe Rogan, an American sports commentator and TV presenter. Turns out it was called Fake News. Rogan removed the post and explained that “it was a farce, but frankly, no one would be surprised if it was true.”

Also in April, there was information that Seagal celebrated his birthday…in Moscow. The Kremlin’s greatest advocate, including Vladimir Solovyov.



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