July 28, 2021

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Stilants - factory in Tychy.  Production stopped due to missing components

Stilants – factory in Tychy. Production stopped due to missing components

He started a break in production at the Stellantis factory in Tychy. The reason is the interruption in the supply of components for automobile production.

A traditional mass holiday at the factory in Tychy, where, among other things, the Fiat 500 is scheduled to start on July 26 and last until August 8. But according to the statement of the factory management, addressed to employees, published on Friday, the plant has effectively stopped operating since the beginning of July, and its resumption in the next two weeks depends on developments in the supply of semiconductors.

The cause of the failure is semiconductor supply problems such as in the motor management and safety systems. We rely on two suppliers in this regard. The problem, which has been noted for a long time, is global and affects not only the auto industry – Rafał Grzanecki, a spokesman for FCA Poland, a subsidiary of the Stellantis group, explained on Friday.

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Production break in Tishi factory

As stated in the announcement to the crew, the planned stoppage is related to “sudden and unforeseen circumstances related to the supply of components for automobile production.” In recent months, representatives from various auto companies have reported that the pandemic has disrupted supply chains, many of which are not yet back to normal. The shortage of semiconductors, in addition to the automobile industry, among other things also affected manufacturers of household and electronic purposes.

As Grzanecki said, the plant in Tychy recently had a problem with a shortage of components – there were breaks of several hours, but now the problem is broader and requires production to be suspended. – The spokesman said that it is not possible to produce cars without these components and then modify them. This means the parking lot is quickly filled with cars waiting for the missing items to be installed.

Factory representatives hope that the loss in production will be compensated for in the following months, when the crew will also work on Saturdays. – There is a demand for our cars and we hope to be able to meet it – emphasized Grzanecki.

Conversations with trade unionists

On Friday, the factory management in Tichy agreed with the unions working in it that the days from July 5 to 9 will be free of work, and instead will be three Saturdays in August and two in September. It was also agreed in advance that the days off are July 1 and 2, and two more Saturdays in September will be working days.

“In the period from July 12 to 16 of this year, in the event of the inability to start production of cars, the employer will successively announce the days off,” – the statement stated. On such days, employees who are ready to work must get a parking lot, in accordance with the collective agreement in force in the company. However, if it is not possible to start production between July 19 and 23, the employees will receive a so-called group leave, instead of a similar leave in December of this year. However, if semiconductor deliveries are resumed, the plant will start operating in July.

About the factory

The main model of the car manufactured at Tychy is the Fiat 500 – 2.5 million copies of this car have been produced in the last 14 years, which makes it the most famous model in the history of the Tychy factory.

In 2020, the plant produced a total of more than 173.9 thousand. Cars compared to less than 263.2 thousand. Cars in 2019 and about 259.5 thousand. In 2018. This means that last year, the plant in Tychy produced more than 89 thousand. Less cars than the previous year. The drop in production was a result of the pandemic and the resulting three-month outage – in the face of reduced demand for cars.

FCA Poland is the largest company of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group in Poland, and its plant in Tychy is one of the most modern automobile plants in the world. The plant is currently part of Stellantis, which was formed last year as a result of the merger of the FCA and PSA groups.

Main image source: media.stellantis.com

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