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Sting spoke about democracy at a concert in Warsaw. Store invited to the stage

Sting spoke about democracy at a concert in Warsaw.  Store invited to the stage

On Saturday evening, Sting gave a concert in Warsaw. At one time, the Polish actor Maciej Store invited to the stage, who translated the words of the famous singer.

Democracy is under attack. It was attacked in every country in the world. If we don’t defend it, we will lose it forever. But democracy is a mess. Democracy is frustration. Democracy is often ineffective. It requires constant attention. Continuous customization. But it’s still worth fighting for, Sting said.

The alternative to democracy is imprisonment. Mind Prison. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, enslavement and silence. This alternative is called authoritarianism. All tyranny is based on a lie, and the greater the tyranny the greater the lie – continued the musician.

The war in Ukraine is an absurdity based on a lie. If we swallow it, it will eat us. A lie is very afraid of the truth. The truth must be heard. We can’t lose this fight – he concluded.

After his appeal, Sting played the last song from that night – “Fragile”.

Sting is a world starCo-founder, lead composer, conductor and guitarist for the legendary band The Police, which won six Grammy Awards. In 1986, the artist began his solo career, his songs such as “Englishman in New York”, “Fragile”, “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You”, “Fields of Gold” and “Desert Rose” were released. pop music history

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