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Stop being allergic! Don’t Hesitate – Zdrowie Wprost

Pollen is becoming more and more aggressive!  There are more and more people with allergies - Zdrowie Wprost

Studies show that pollen pollens are approximately 50 to 80 percent effective, and nearly 100 percent effective for bee and wasp allergens.

Types of allergy shots

Vaccines may remove allergies for:

  • Allergy to dust mitesAnd the
  • pollen (grass pollentree pollen, grasses, birch, alder, hazel),
  • Allergy to wasp and bee venom,
  • mold allergy,
  • Pollen from plants or other foods.

Allergy treatment is desensitization

Vaccine desensitization combined with an appropriate exclusion diet leads to good results in the case of food allergies. It is especially important to desensitize patients who are allergic to pollen from early flowering trees (birch, alder, hazel), since this type of allergy is often accompanied by cross-allergy to plant foods (apples, carrots, parsley, pears, etc. . ).


Neutralization is a method that allows you to combine inhalation with food allergens. It is usually used to desensitize children.

allergy symptoms

There are different types of allergies and they can have different symptoms.

food allergy

food allergy It may appear mild – then there is flatulence and periodic vomiting.

Allergy to pollen and dust mites

pollen allergy and dust mites It causes allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever. It is an acute allergic runny nose that occurs mainly in spring or summer. It is caused by pollen grains of some plants, as well as fungi and their spores. open:

  • nose itchy
  • itching in the walls of the throat and eyes,
  • bouts of sneezing
  • runny nose with watery discharge,
  • teary eyes;

How do you recognize an allergy?

Unlike allergies from other diseases, the time and conditions of their appearance help. Allergy symptoms appear only as a result of contact with an allergen. When determining the factor responsible for the allergy, it is useful:

  • skin test
  • Measurement of the level of specific IgE antibodies,
  • Serological examination
  • Exhibition experiences.

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