October 23, 2021

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Storm after the movie Boruc.  The Legia goalkeeper called the journalist.  Football 'would cool my life'

Storm after the movie Boruc. The Legia goalkeeper called the journalist. Football ‘would cool my life’

Artur Boruc is famous for not biting his tongue and for expressing his opinion publicly. This time, the Legia goalkeeper commented on the post of journalist Piotr Wołosik, who suggested on Twitter that Boruc had left for a short break during the tournament.

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“This success has the face of Ceslav Micniewicz. It has added a lot to Legia’s budget”

Injured Artur Boruc travels to Greece during the season, hoping for a match European Championships etc. Either in Greece the distinguished specialists in back diseases, or corps He has such a liberal approach that the employees can take their vacations when they want” – wrote a journalist from “Przegląd Sportowy”.

for an answer Artur Boruc It didn’t take long. Less than a day later, the goalkeeper’s entry appeared. “Check your information beforehand and then write something … the essence of Polish sports journalism. Either they say the same thing, or they invent it …” – we read on Twitter.

Artur Boruc responds to the journalist’s intervention. “The essence of the Polish football player”

Wołosik accused Boruk that, in his response after this time, the player must correct the situation. “Wait 24 hours and write, not write anything. The essence of a Polish football player” – wrote. And he got the answer: “My life will become cold, clown. Eat under hearts” – commented Borok.

It is not known if Artur Boruc actually traveled to Greece on vacation. However, it is known that the 41-year-old goalkeeper suffered a back injury, so he did not play in the final blow of the round with Raku (2:3). It is still unknown if he will play against Leicester City in European League. A couple of days ago, a recording from the plane appeared in the footballer’s official Instagram profile, indicating that Borok went on a trip.

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at the gate Legia Warsaw in the last match Premier League Cesare Mizzta stood – and missed the goal. After defeating Rakko, Czeslav Mitchewicz’s team finished 14th in the standings with nine points after seven matches. The Europa League match against Leicester is on Thursday at 21.