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Storm after the Russians were expelled from Wimbledon. Tennis Powers: Discrimination, Breach of Contract, Tennis

Storm after the Russians were expelled from Wimbledon.  Tennis Powers: Discrimination, Breach of Contract, Tennis

Wimbledon organizers announced, on Wednesday, that they will not allow tennis players from Russia and Belarus to participate in this year’s tournament. – Under conditions of unjustified and unprecedented military aggression, it would be unacceptable for the Russian regime to take advantage of the participation of Russian or Belarusian tennis players in the tournament. Therefore, it is with great regret that we intend to refuse the requests of the players of Russia and Belarus – It was given in a press release.

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How did the tennis authorities respond?

The Wimbledon organizers’ decision is the first strong reaction of its kind in the world Tennis On the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tennis authorities – the men’s tennis organization (ATP), the women’s tennis organization (WTA), the International Tennis Federation (ITF) – first kept silence and then decided to remove the flags next to the names of Russians and Belarusians and suspend their citizenship. Federations, allowing players to have more starts, including the Grand Slams.

Experts drew attention to the dishonorable behavior of the tennis authorities, fans, as well as the players themselves. Wimbledon heard the calls of Ukrainian tennis players who had long demanded that the Russians be suspended, and on Wednesday morning, a few hours before the announcement of the decision to exclude the Russians from Wimbledon, they raised the subject again. Elena Svitolina, Marta Kostyuk and Sergej Stachovsky have posted an appeal on social media to break the silence around Russian and Belarusian tennis.

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ATP and WTA respond

The strong reaction of the Wimbledon authorities was met with criticism from the side ATP. “We believe that Wimbledon’s unilateral decision to exclude players from Russia and Belarus from this year’s British Court event is unfair and could create a harmful precedent for the future,” the press release read.

There will be no extraordinary decision from the English language if the authorities of the ATP, the WTA and the former ITF decide to suspend tennis players from Russia and Belarus. The penalty for not having a flag is not a penalty in tennis. Many federations representing individual disciplines have gone further. The Russians were suspended, among others in skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and triathlon.

Discrimination on the basis of nationality is a violation of our agreement with Wimbledon, according to which admission of tennis players is based solely on the ATP ranking. We will now consider how to proceed with this decision – we read in the statement of the Men’s Union.

The WTA is just as strong. We are very disappointed with Wimbledon’s decision. One of the fundamental principles of the WTA is that individual athletes can participate in professional tennis on the basis of merit and without any form of discrimination. The statement said players should not be penalized because of their origin or because of decisions taken by their national governments. There will be a war on the ATP streak, the WTA – Wimbledon. It is still unknown how the ITF will react.

Who will not play?

For several weeks, foreign media speculated about such a scenario. The decision of the London Grand Slam event organizers has a number of consequences. At Wimbledon 2022 he will not play from Russia: runner-up in the ATP tournament, seeded Danich Medvedev, eighth in the world Andrei Rublev, 26 Karen Khachanov, 30 Aslan Karasev. Ilya Iwashka (44 players in the Pro League) will be missing from Belarus.

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Among the ladies there will not be, among other things, Belarusian women Arina Sabalenka (4 WTA), Victoria Azarenka (18th), Russian Women Anastazga Pavlyuchenkova (15th), Daria Kasatkina (26th) and Veronika Kudermova (29th).

Their absence from London will affect, among other things, a loss of points for the standings. Medvedev and Rublev had points to defend to reach the fourth round of Wimbledon last season, and Sabalenka to reach the semi-finals. Banned players will fall into the WTA and ATP rankings.

What will the French do?

The English decision is proof that the world does not forget the war being waged across the eastern border of NATO. The strong reaction from the organizers of one of the world’s most famous sporting events is a signal to both Russians that they will continue to boycott the world. sportsAnd for the Ukrainians about support.

The Wimbledon authorities’ decision puts Roland Garros against the wall. With just over two months left until the UK Open kicks off, the tournament will start in Paris in just one month. There is speculation in the French media that the French could stop the Russians and Belarusians from starting, but a similar decision is still missing.

Tennis players’ voices

Few tennis players have yet decided to comment on the Wimbledon organizers’ decision. Syrup Novak Djokovic “I can’t support Wimbledon’s decision,” he said. “When politicians get involved in sport, it usually doesn’t end well.” And Djokovic’s compatriot Mayomir Kikmanovic added: “Of course it’s a bad move, but I don’t think Medvedev, Rublev and the rest of the players blame it. I think it’s unfair.”

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Raku is the new leader. Won a main match in the battle for the championship

Immediately after the invasion began, Medvedev and Rublev published anti-war posts on social media. The latter, after winning the Middle East Championship, wrote on a television camera: “No to war.” In turn, the second in the standings, a week after the Russians attacked Ukraine, mainly complained about the lack of flag besides the name, forgetting about the damage the Ukrainians face.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova appeared on CNN, criticizing the intervention of the Russian army, published an anti-war leaflet, which she subsequently removed. Victoria Azarenka has been completely mentally broken since the invasion, she does not do well in court, she calls for a cessation of quarrels.

However, most tennis players from Russia and Belarus remain silent. Those lower in the rankings allow themselves more, . said Polish tennis player Michai Dambek. – Russian players do not accept in any way what is happening in Ukraine. They told me that Kherson had fallen. They were glad that the Russian army had captured the city – Said Dembek, who met the Russians at a tournament in Kazakhstan.

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