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Strange thing in Serie A, they waited 45 minutes for the match to start, but the ball wasn’t played

Strange thing in Serie A, they waited 45 minutes for the match to start, but the ball wasn't played

A few days ago, one of the players Salernitani received positive calendar The presence of the Corona virus in the body. The club has been banned from traveling with regular airlines. The team was supposed to travel by private jet to the match, but after more testing, it turned out that there were more injuries. As a result, the club was banned from leaving the local sanitation department.

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There is a reaction from the president of “France Football” regarding Robert Lewandowski

The Polish actor is back after a serious injury! The coach gave new news

Salernet punished by forfeiture and deduction of points?

football players Udinese And due to the lack of an official announcement from the league, they are ready and ready for the match on Tuesday evening. The club posted its starting lineup on social media.

Then the players Udinese With the referee, according to the rules of the competition, they waited 45 minutes from the time of the planned meeting. The guests did not arrive, and according to “calciomercato” information, they would likely lose the match and thus receive a negative point.

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Salernitana has seen a terrible streak lately and is last in the table league. Lost four consecutive matches in league The Italian, which did not score, has shook the nets up to thirteen.

This is not the end of Salernitana’s problems. The club is also threatened with relegation from the competition due to the breach of the rules in force in the Italian Serie A. The owner of the club is Claudio Lotito, who owns the majority stake Lazio RomeIt is forbidden. Therefore, if the club does not find a new owner by the end of the year and does not pay off its debts, it will be excluded from Italian Serie A a.

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FIFA is in talks with Qatar to ease vaccination requirementsSmall Qatar humiliated the great United States. People who know the biggest secrets have changed their destinations

Football player Salernitana Paweł JaroszyńskiWho joined before the start of the season on a loan from Genoa with an obligation to redeem when certain conditions are met. According to Italian media, there was a record of playing at least one Serie A match under the title of commitment.

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