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Strategy in healthcare for the years 2021-2027. There is a document. which contains?

Strategy in healthcare for the years 2021-2027.  There is a document.  which contains?

The Minister of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, praised today in social media that the government has adopted a draft health care strategy for the period 2021-27 with a perspective until 2030, and relates to the document “Healthy Future” the strategic framework for the development of the health care system for the period 2021-2027 with a perspective until 2030 ” . The project is very extensive, and there are only 21 consulting days – and this is during the holiday season, because it was posted on Saturday, the first day of summer vacation. It is very strange, because it has been prepared for several months and is the basis of health.

Let us remind you that the document was already announced more than a year ago. Minister Nedzelsky also spoke about him in an interview with us. It had to be created because these are the requirements of the European Union. This is a continuation of the already closed strategy “Health Protection Policy Paper 2014-2020”. National Strategic Framework.” But this time it is supposed to be broader and focus its activities on the coming years.

What does the health strategy for 2021-2020 assume?

The document sets out the strategic framework for actions to be taken in the field of health care. They identify the main challenges in the health care system and indicate directions for changes. The effect of these activities is to extend life expectancy in health and improve the health of the community. “The aforementioned objective cannot be implemented without the provision of appropriate medical care to improve the health of citizens through changes in the health care system, improve quality and access to health services, and better adapt health care to changing demographic trends,” the organizational impact assessment reads.

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According to the project, activities in six main areas will contribute to this:

  • prevention and health promotion;

  • The quality, ease of use and efficiency of the health services provided, including integrated care and community services;

  • access to health care services;

  • development of digital services in the health care system;

  • health care system employees;

  • Modern technologies in the health sector.

The strategy includes a demographic and epidemiological diagnosis and a description of the main components of the health care system. This applies to both the organization of the health care system, the organization of health services, coordinated care and “deinstitutionalization”, prevention, personnel and infrastructure in the health care system. It also describes information technology, innovation, medical research and development, quality in the health care system, science, and emergency response.

What is system diagnostics?

The most important factors include improving living conditions, increasing knowledge and awareness of the dimension of caring for one’s health, as well as reforming the health care system. However, the mortality rate, life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in our country still differ from the average indicators of European Union countries, and these indicators are not improving at a fast enough pace. Society is greatly burdened with the diseases of civilization, caused mainly by an inappropriate way of life, and also threatened by its spread. It has long been known that a significant part of the chronic diseases of civilization can be effectively prevented, which is possible thanks to properly planned and executed sanitary prevention. We read in justifying the Cabinet decision that the costs of treating the effects of diseases of civilization are dozens of times higher than the expenses allocated for the prevention of these diseases.

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What are the main objectives of the strategy?

The main objective of aged care is to improve the health-related quality of life for the elderly and their caregivers in the community. Then the following strategic areas were identified:

1- Development of human resources.

2. Development of forms of day care.

3. Developing forms of home care.

4. Develop innovative forms of care.

5. Supporting informal caregivers.

6. Coordination of community care.

However, in psychiatric care, the main objective is to improve the quality of life related to the mental health of the population and to ensure appropriate conditions of care within the mental health care system.

It is proposed to implement activities in the field of institutionalization of psychological care in the following areas:

1. Investment in human resources – improving the state of human resources and the quality of education in the field of psychiatry, as well as human resources in other disciplines concerned with the protection of mental health;

2. Investments in the system – changing the organization of the provision of health services in the field of mental care.

3. Investments in the system – Increasing the availability of health services in the field of mental care.

4. Infrastructure investments – medical entities modify the environmental model of mental health care;

5. Investing in the health of the population – promoting mental health and preventing suicide and self-aggressive behaviour.

Each specific goal has specific activities assigned to it.

The document also contains recommendations for the implementation of the objectives and for monitoring and evaluation. The document will be complemented by, among other things, transformation plans – national and regional, which will replace the regional priorities of health policy. They are the result of health needs maps.

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The decision is scheduled to enter into force on the day it is made.

the whole project Here

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