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Stray showed that the amount of play in the game is not the most important thing

Stray showed that the amount of play in the game is not the most important thing
July 24, 2022, 09:30

Stray premiered this week—we finally got the cyberpunk game that lived up to its pre-release hype. While you won’t hear my admiration for the game itself, as a cat phenomenon it’s a bull’s-eye.

What is this phenomenon? we got The digital equivalent of Catnip A product of limited duration of action, we buy more for ourselves than we buy for my furry, because a fat and exhausted cat is a sight we never have. See the presence of the game in social media – a photo or recording of your shot on the wallpaper with a shooting stray It’s now a point of honor even for Sunday players, but “full-time” cat lovers. Have you refrained from joining this trend? Of course not, I’m only human, don’t expect me to be a hero! Before starting the game for the first time, rather than focusing on the excitement of the title, my priority was to set up a cat stand under the TV and black out all the windows to reduce the number of distractions. No – of course my treatments didn’t work; The cat will do whatever it likes, and it certainly won’t be what you expect.

Players, they just want to have fun

stray It is a great cat simulator and every cat you know. The behavior and level of unease of our red-haired pet when we get dressed is a masterpiece; Purring, shy and fluffy paw movements when throwing other objects, purrs, paper bags placed over the mouth. It’s hard to find a better representation of a man’s best friend.

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However, I can’t help feeling it Under this huge layer of social media potential and cat “hack”, building a strong emotional bond between player and bear, there is simply an average game, and the whole essence of her success is a sweet heroine, with no name and no gender, in which everyone can see their real long-tailed child. In fact, some marketing genius brought it up. My satirical site already has a whole list of criticisms, how we fell in love with him as gamers, how by assembling sweets we do not notice annoying elements in the game, how we buy a PlayStation subscription to start the game “for free” and take the photo on Instagram. But is this a mistake? Well just no.

It seems to me that I would be correct if I said that we all would love to find a game designed just for us. Where, finally, we can have fun, where without errors we can calmly play an interesting story in a beautiful environment and not be overwhelmed by the number of discoveries or the size of the next open world. Where, without sacrificing 150 hours of life, we’ll reach platinum. Where we can relax after a day of work, school, study and housework. stray It is precisely this for a large group of players – it is difficult to create a production for a larger group at the same time compared to cat fanatics. are dogs. Even in our editorial office we have wars with animals, even cat haters talk about this game. stray It must be successful. No one can resist a sweet mouth.

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Stray showed that the amount of gameplay in the game is not the most important - Illustration #1

On Reddit you can read the part that piqued the post’s author the most, whether the animal threw itself on TV or muttered to the protagonist – yes, this is a self-propelled ad, but it’s also proof of a great product. And that’s what games are. Show me a nicer scene in them than the cat sitting at the keyboard, sending rows of random characters to the interlocutor. If I get a guarantee in the price that it also works for my roommate (and she does!), I consider her blind. Games don’t have to be hard (it’s not), and without marketing they won’t be able to handle it and you have to accept it. stray He couldn’t have grown up in better times, when we all need just a few hours from a nice springboard to forget the frustrating truth. And by the way, if we can spend this time with our pets and flood social media with positive content – only better.

Games don’t have to be perfect (and they can’t, because it’s impossible). Success stray It proves that a complex plot, difficult battles or activities for hundreds of hours are not the most important in it. We just want to have fun. And that’s it.

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