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Streamer put a fortune on “certainty”. It can’t end well

"The odds don't play out"

The banners behind the Xposed alias show a keen interest in gambling. One of his recent achievements has been widely covered on the Internet. The internet developer put a fortune on one of the teams in a Call of Duty match. It was a mistake.

Hazard is his middle name

Behind the title of Xposed, there is a certain person. Cody Burnett is a Canadian-born streamer who has competed in virtual arenas and now specializes in online gambling, with a focus on crypto casinos. He reports his actions via the Twitch platform and YouTube.

Putting his fortune on “certainty”

"The odds don't play out"
Image source: © Twitter | Xposed

“The odds don’t play out.”

Xposed has had a major slip up lately. Broadcasting device became interested esports indoor competitions Periodic call of duty. Two teams faced each other in the match: Los Angeles thieves face with Texas Optics. Streamer raised $450,000 to win from Texas. It was a big mistake.

Los Angeles Thieves win 3-0 over Optic Texas
Image source: © Call of Duty League

Los Angeles Thieves win 3-0 over Optic Texas

Xposed can count on the sponsor

$450K bet on Optic Texas to win, average 1.77 – What could go wrong? The odds are “do not play” and there are no “guarantees” in gambling. Lost property because it’s a team Los Angeles thieves (What a cynical name in this context!) He turned out much better, winning the match 3 to 0.

“Don’t touch the gambler or you’ll be wiped off the board.”

Xposed is an example of a man with enormous financial resources and sponsor support. In case of failure, he could count on such a cash injection, which the average person would never have. The conclusion is clear. Loot boxes, popular in computer games, are a form of gambling. National governments strive to provide Related regulations.

Sebastian Barris, polygamist journalist

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