October 23, 2021

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Strong scandal in Russia.  Handball team accused of match-fixing UEFA U19

Strong scandal in Russia. Handball team accused of match-fixing UEFA U19

Russian reputation in the past several months sports The international scene was heavily tarnished. a story about handball players It certainly won’t help fix it. The latest scandal certainly hasn’t happened before, which makes the situation shocking.

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Shocking results for the committee after the tournament

On Tuesday evening, the Russian Federation issued a statement announcing the suspension of eight young players suspected of involvement in match-fixing. These were not just meetings, because duels in a framework European Championship. The event was supposed to take place in August of this year.

Strange situation in the match Orlen Wisła Płock. After 18 minutes, it is possible to look and not believe

the acting Russia Until the age of nineteen, she then sang in the tournament in Croatia. The team lost as many as six out of seven matches, and although the final result was not a huge surprise, so were the results of the singles matches. It mainly concerns duels with Austria, France and Israel. They finished with scores of 19:36, 17:36, and 31:33, respectively. Interestingly, at the end of the tournament, the Russians defeated the Austrians 31:24 – the same with which they lost a few days ago by a difference of 17 goals.

The National Federation began to notice some irregularities, and after the end of the tournament the investigation began with the participation of a special commission. On Tuesday, it was reported that eight juniors had to systematically contact people who used to bet on the results of the Russian team in bookmakers.

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Competitors may go to prison

– The results of the commission’s work caused me not only indignation, but also deep disappointment with the attitude of our young players. I consider it a betrayal. The head of the Russian Handball Federation, Sergei Sishkarev, commented that it was like stabbing a knife in the back. Russian legends handball Commentators reacted sharply to this issue. – Hang them for life! Let them do anything else, but they have no place in sports.

Young handball players may face more serious consequences than simply being suspended or excluded from the world of sport. One of the deputies of the State Duma, Dmitry Soyshev, declared that the case should be referred to the court, and for Determine the outcome of the match They may face up to five years prisons.

The head of Vive made a statement on Duyshebaev. The head of Vive made a statement on Duyshebaev. “I will not listen to them”

The suspended contestants are Dmitriy Kandybin (19), Alexander Morozov (19), Nikita Gogolev (19), Dmitry Frolov (19), Daniil Dmitriev (19), Maxim Nagdunov (19), Maxim Ermolin (18)), Georgiz Kirilenko (19). year).