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Summer fever: causes, how long, the effect of overheating

Summer fever: causes, how long, the effect of overheating

The heat wave continues, thermometers often show temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, and everyone is looking for a way to relieve the tiring heat. There are many processes that occur inside our bodies in response to the rise in temperature. We sweat a lot, which is A natural way to calm the body. We get tired, weak and thirsty too – that’s why We warm it up with cold drinks or allow ourselves Another batch of ice cream. All this leads to large temperature differences in our bodies – it can also cause heat shock if we prefer a cold shower or swimming in the pool. When riding in the car or entering the office, the air conditioning often works as well, as In addition, it causes significant differences in body temperature.

Drinking cold drinks or staying in an air-conditioned room causes a sudden reaction of the body – blood vessels constrict, the process of sweating stops, and the temperature inside the body drops dramatically. These factors make our bodies an ideal place for the development of pathogens – dry mucous membranes of the nose and throat, reduced efficiency of the immune system, microbes from air conditioning.

It is not difficult to catch infections in hot weather, including infection Respiratory system And the angina. These pathological entities mean that after a whole day we are exposed to temperature differences – we will notice an increase in body temperature and symptoms of disease progression. Angina, or inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and tonsils, occurs more often in summer than in winter and can occur as a result of infection with viruses or bacteria. No wonder that in hot weather, we can get sick and spend a few days in bed fighting a sore throat and fever.

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Babies are especially sensitive to temperature differences due to their constantly developing immune system. Furthermore it in during In hot weather, children are more physically active of adults. High temperature outside and increased body temperature as a result of playing, running or swimming in the pool – causes It’s easier for the younger one to warm up his body. Inadequate fluid intake during the day also deprives the body of the appropriate amount of water A difficult task in terms of calming down, i.e. sweating.

Your child’s body will react to a high temperature due to a fever It comes on suddenly without any associated symptoms. In such a situation, it is necessary that the child is inside the room, has limited movement, drinks fluids. The fever that occurs in a child due to a high temperature goes away quickly and does not require any medical intervention except There are no additional symptoms.

Another factor that threatens children is inappropriate clothing for the weather. This applies primarily to the youngest – that is, infants. Clothing that is too thick or a compact stroller (gondola) causes children to overheat, which can also lead to a fever. Even for a few hours after coming home.

Fever in hot weather can also appear in adults as the body’s response to a high temperature. After spending the day outdoors on a hot day, you may experience symptoms associated with a strong reaction of the body to a high temperature. These symptoms may appear Already during heat exposure, or after a few hours. Typical symptoms of a high temperature are:

  • Fever,
  • goosebumps
  • Increased heart rate
  • weakness,
  • muscle pain,
  • vomiting;
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In addition, a person with a high temperature may have symptoms of the nervous system – Shaky gait, slurred speech, blurred vision. It should be borne in mind that although a person who has become overheated is already in a shady and cool place – the temperature inside his body is still high. In the course of a fever of more than 40 degrees, the proteins of the body are denatured, which means their death. It is a life-threatening condition and medical help should always be called if the victim has additional symptoms in addition to a fever.

To judge whether a high temperature has appeared, it is necessary Measure it correctly. Common non-contact thermometers are used to measure the temperature from the forehead, but the distance to be kept is on average 5 cm (the distance is indicated in the product leaflet). This distance is often incorrect and can measure environment temperature, not body temperature.

It is wrong It also measures body temperature upon returning from a hot place, i.e. from outside. You should wait ten minutes or so and allow the body to equalize the temperature after entering a cooler place. Otherwise, the thermometer may show a fever due to the high temperature of the sun and air temperature.

If a classic thermometer is used to measure the temperature, remember that it must be placed to measure the temperature correctly centrally in the armpit and hold for at least five minutes. Otherwise, the measurement is unreliable.

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