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Summer Grand Prix in Klingenthal. Kobayashi’s sure win in Clingenthal. Kubacki is right behind the podium. Ski jump

Summer Grand Prix in Klingenthal.  Kobayashi's sure win in Clingenthal.  Kubacki is right behind the podium.  Ski jump

Six Poles took part in the competition that ended in this year’s edition of the Summer Grand Prix: Andrzej Stuka, Stefan Hola, Jacob Woolney, Piotr Shea, Camille Stoch and David Kobaki, who before the last accent of the summer struggle was third in the general classification of the course. Kobaki triumphed in the qualifying round, finishing 137.5 metres, and in the test series Peter Shea was the best of the White Reds, who finished fourth with a jump of 133 metres.

In the first competition series, the Poles were average. True, four out of six of our actors won a pass for the series finale, but the White-Reeds didn’t play the lead roles. The best pole was Daoud Kobaki, who climbed 131 meters and was seventh. Piotr Żyła was 18th, with 126m in the test, and at the end of the third ten we saw Camille Stoch (125.5m – 27th place) and Jacob Woolny, who after a jump of 121.5m was 29. In the first round, Stefan Hula and Andrzej Stękała finished Their co-stars at Klingenthal, who were 42 and 44 respectively.

With a weaker jump in the first series, Stoch ruined his chances of finishing the championship podium. Thus, for the first time in four seasons, the best Polish jumpers had to settle for a spot after the top three in the Summer GP.

In the first round, cards were dealt on the hill in Klingenthal by the Japanese, similar to the trial round. Ryoyu Kobayashi turned out to be unbeatable, with a jump of 138 meters, he was out of reach of his rivals and before the second series he was 15 points ahead of the second in the group – Yukiya Sato, who got 131.5 meters. Johann Andre Furfang took third place, rising to a distance of 134.5 meters, however, the differences between the main competitors were very small. Kubacki lost less than four points to climb to the podium after the first round.

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In the second series, the Poles fared much better. Jacob Woolney landed at 135.5 meters, and the entire Stoch scored 131 meters in his test. The Poles have been in the vanguard for a long time. Brothers Sene and Peter Breivik got the same marks after Frey’s second jump. The latter rose 137 m at the second attempt, and Woolney advanced 15th in the classification and finally took 14th place, and Kamel Stoch finished the championship in 21st place.

Compared to the first series, Piotr Żyła improved by two metres, after his jump he took fifth place on the field, and finally in the final result in Klingenthal he took 20th place.

In the second series, Halvor Egner Granerud rose to heights. The Norwegian, who was the general classification leader of the course, flew 140 meters, and just behind him, Daoud Kobaki, who landed eight meters from close range and took second place, appeared on the starting bar. The pole was pushed off the podium only by Kobayashi, who did not give illusions to his rivals. After a jump of 140 meters, the Japanese could enjoy the victory at Klingenthal.

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