July 27, 2021

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Summer Grand Prix in Wissoua: A victory for Daoud Kubaki.  Jacob Woolney behind the stage

Summer Grand Prix in Wissoua: A victory for Daoud Kubaki. Jacob Woolney behind the stage

On Saturday, Jacob Woolney won the inaugural competition for this year’s Summer Grand Prix series. Daoud Kobaki also took third place. Both Poles did a great job in the absence of the Polish captain – Kamel Stosch, who, despite winning Friday’s qualifiers, had to withdraw from the competition due to injury.

The first series of the second competition in and preceded the introduction of Adam Maces. Austrian Markus Scheffner took the farthest by 130.5 meters, which also gave him first place. Jacob Woolney came in third, followed by Stefan Hula. Aleksandr Zneiszxo was also at the front. On the other hand, contrary to all expectations, the worst jumps from Bia Co-Czerwonych were made by Piotr Żyła and Dawid Kubacki.

In the first series, Michał Doleżal players showed their best. Although the wind was the main exit, the Poles managed to qualify for the second part of Sunday’s competition. Maciej Kot, first from Biało-Czerwonych, took 25th place and reached 117.5. Pawe Wąsek is ranked higher.

Piotr Żyła has opened the second installment of the second series, and it is clearly not in his best condition yet. In Wiswa, it is average at most. But the big surprise is the position of Alexander Zniszkul and Stefan Hola. Both showed very good first jumps, which put them ahead of the competition.

The first series was captured by Dawid Kubacki. The winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament in 2020 climbed to 128.5 meters and took the lead. Jan Huerl, who was jumping after him, was only 0.4 points behind him. Third place went to the then Summer Grand Prix leader, Jacob Woolney. It is worth noting that Manuel Wittner (137.5 m) landed the farthest in the first part of the competition.

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In the second series, Maciej Kot and Pawe Wąsek showed themselves very well. Both contenders have gone further than they did in the first part, thanks to their lead in the rankings of this competition. The first of them finished in fifteenth and the second in twentieth.

Piotr Żyła proved on his second attempt that he reached 115 metres, which only proved that he is still in his summer form. Unfavorable conditions again took their toll, unfortunately this time while Alexander Zneszkul was jumping. Vistulan landed at a height of 106 m and received more than five points to compensate for the wind. Most of all.

David Kobaki and Jacob Woolney keep good manners. True, the 26-year-old showed a slightly worse jump than in the first round, he remained in the top ten. Jan Hoerl managed to take second place again, and the podium was completed by Slovene Anze Lanisek.

The next Summer Grand Prix competition will be held in Courchevel, France. On the hill built in 1944, the official summer record holder is Kamel Stoch, who jumped on August 12, 2011 137m.