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Super Full Moon. June 2022. What is a supermoon? Full moon strawberry.

Super Full Moon.  June 2022. What is a supermoon?  Full moon strawberry.

The night behind us, during which we can enjoy the gorgeous Silver Globe. It was due to the full moon on Tuesday afternoon. The next night, a so-called giant moon will appear in the sky. What is this phenomenon?

On Tuesday, June 14, our natural satellite will enter the full moon phase. After several hours, it will pass through the point of its orbit closest to Earth. This combination means that on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, we will be able to observe the so-called supermoon.

Every 29.5 days

A full moon occurs approximately once every 29.5 days. However, a normal satellite’s orbit is not circular, but rather elliptical. The average distance is 384,000 km, but the difference between the farthest point (aphelion) and the nearest point (perihelion) is 10 percent. This means that the face of the moon in the sky appears larger or smaller depending on the distance of the object from the Earth.

If the full moon is also close to the perihelion point in its orbit, then it shines very brightly. This situation is sometimes called a super moon or a super moon. The Silver Globe can then be up to 14 percent larger to an observer and shine up to 30 percent more than if it were in its prime.

Heaven in JuneZlata Baháchova / Bab

Super Full Moon. When will it appear?

The exact moment of the full moon on June 14 was at 1:52 pm, while the perigee on June 15 will pass at 1.23. The distance between the Earth and the Moon would then be 357438.4 kilometers.

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When will it be possible to see the moon at this extraordinary full moon? The first night with the brilliant moon behind us, the next night ahead. Sunrise time in Silver Globe was June 13 12/20, but the orb was hard to see at that time due to sunlight (the sun set that day in our time zone at 20:58). The Earth’s natural satellite took off at 3.39 am on June 14, then it will rise on June 14 at 21.38 and will be held on June 15 at 4.30

Full moon strawberry. Where did the name come from?

The full moon of June is called the strawberry moon. This is what the Native American tribes called, referring to the fact that June was the season for the strawberry harvest. Other names for the June full moon are either rose moon or hot moon.

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