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Supplementary recruitment 2022/23. Will they open new classes in high schools? – Sciences

Supplementary recruitment 2022/23.  Will they open new classes in high schools?  - Sciences

Will local governments set up additional places in secondary schools? This year’s recruitment is attending 1.5 years of age, and despite the additional places already planned in the institutions, many candidates have not entered any of the selected schools. – We fly from one school to another, but there are simply no places, and the list of volunteers is so large that I do not know what to say to the child, after all, the fact that there are more students does not mean that she should change her plans now – our reader writes.

Tri-City High Schools – Public and Private

This year, Tri-City high schools prepared 321 departments, in which 8,918 students are scheduled to be accepted. However, as we hear in schools and from candidates themselves, this may turn out to be certainly not enough.

– My daughter did not apply for upper secondary school, but this year relative to last year Scoring Threshold increases are also significant in other LOs. It’s hard to predict something like that. If in March or April I reported to the city the number of students expected for next year and the number of places in high school, then at least I would communicate a technology that my daughter could easily access. However, 80 percent of technology in Gdansk has its own features. Aimed at boys. For girls, a hotel, art college, gastronomic or economics? For me, the first and second tiers are weak, in economy there are only three tiers, and of course there are no seats. Why is there no more, for example, economic, preschool, pedagogical, administrative, etc. Something alternative for ambitious students – asks our reader. – In addition, we live in the district of Kiełpino Górne and here it is necessary to indicate how the south of Gdansk is connected so that children have schools from Oliwa, Strzyża, Żabianka, Brzeźno or Zaspa? Too bad! We also pay taxes in Gdansk and also expect that since the city does not build secondary schools, at least please call normally for our regions – he adds.

Recruitment 2022/23. How many points did you need to get to school?

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Additional places for post-primary schools?

Upon appointment to secondary schools in Sopot for the academic year 2022/2023, in agreement with the heads of units, the city prepared 418 places in 16 departments for graduates of primary schools. 610 candidates selected Sopot schools with first preference.

– Because of the difficult situation of graduates of primary schools, who, despite the large number of points achieved, are not qualified for any school, in consultation with school principals, we are preparing in Sopot to increase the offer of employment – says Magdalena Czarzyńska-JachimVice President of Sopot.
A total of 80 candidates will be able to study in:
I LO (biological class) – 24 students,
Second secondary school (mathematics class) – 24 students,
Secondary No. 3 (human sciences class) – 32 male and female students.

On the other hand, in Gdansk, any decisions will be made after schools are informed about vacancies.

The employment status is continuously monitored. Of course, there are ideas for a possible solution to the indicated situation, but first of all we have to wait for information about vacancies after students have made final declarations of will to study in schools – inform Patrick Rosinski From the judge of Gdansk.
In Gdansk, this year, more than 6,800 people applied to enlist in secondary schools, 34 percent of them. They are young people from outside Gdansk, and 104 refugee children from Ukraine who have taken the 8th grade exam.

We heard in a secondary school in Gdansk that some schools are already considering creating additional classes, but they need funds to do so.

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– We already know that even after supplementary recruitment, there are many students who are qualified and want to study with us. We initially assessed that we had a place to open an additional branch, because we had a place and teachers, but this is not only our decision – we hear in high school in Gdansk.
– We are expecting a culmination this year for years, we have planned a much larger number of first classes in Gdynia schools – he says Bartosz BartoševićGidnia’s Vice President for Quality of Life. – That’s why most high schools have extra classes this year and some of the more popular technologies. We keep our finger on the pulse and constantly adjust our educational offering to the changing needs of young people. This year the novelty is also very interested in technologies, and in some cases the thresholds are higher than in secondary schools.

Ranking of secondary schools in Tró Best High Schools and Technology 2022

Supplementary appointment in secondary schools 2022/2023

Currently, until July 28, candidates confirm their desire to study at a particular school by submitting the original school leaving certificate and the original certificate of external exam results. Admission lists will be published on Friday, July 29th. Only on this day will it be known how many vacancies are still available and how many young people are looking for a place in the school.

Supplementary recruitment will begin on August 2, 2022 and will continue until August 4, 2022.

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