October 18, 2021

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Rekrutacja uzupełniająca do przedszkoli i podstawówek. Jest ponad 500 wolnych miejsc

Supplementary recruitment for kindergarten and primary school. There are more than 500 vacancies

Supplementary recruitment in primary schools and kindergartens began on Monday (May 31) in institutions in Białystok. There are approximately 190 places for first graders, while in kindergarten around 360 children can find their place.

picture: UM Białystok / Mateusz Hołownia

elementary schools

Supplementary recruitment for the first grades in primary schools run by the city of Białystok is underway.

– 189 vacancies await students in 18 schools in Białystok. Recruitment will be done using the IT system. It will also be possible to submit the printed form to the school. Applications will be available in institutions that participate in the recruitment – to inform the municipality of Białystok.

Applications for admissions to the Integration and Integration departments may be submitted until June 7 at 15.00, and to the Sports Class until June 2, 15.00.

Supplementary recruitment only applies to candidates residing outside the perimeter of the chosen school. Candidates residing in the oblast are accepted ex officio, on request, says Deputy Mayor Rafai Rudniki.

Employment rules and a list of organizations involved in recruitment can be found on the website of the municipal office:In the “Education” tab.

before school

Parents of young children can also benefit from supplementary recruitment – the city has prepared nearly 360 places in public and non-public kindergartens selected in open competition, as well as in kindergarten units in primary schools.

Supplementary recruitment in kindergartens and public kindergarten units in primary schools will begin on May 31. Parents will have to submit their applications until June 7 at 15.00 – confirms Rafai Rudnicki.

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In supplementary employment, in addition to candidates living in Bialystok, parents who live outside the city can apply for admission to kindergarten. Lists of eligible and non-eligible candidates will be published on June 24. The next step is to confirm the will to enroll the child in the facility until June 28. Final recruitment results will be on June 29th.

– It is noteworthy that the city of Białystok in employment this year has prepared a new department in primary schools No. 3, 28, 31 and 49. It also provides newly acquired places in the private kindergarten “Happy Kids” in Bialystok – adds the municipality.

Supplementary recruitment will be done using the electronic system. Printed and signed applications to accept children must be submitted only to the first choice facility. Documents can be submitted in electronic or paper form. Staffing rules and list of facilities can be found: In the “Education” tab.