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Surprisingly, Bishop Anthony Dugoch talks about child sexual abuse. Smile Medal Consultant Comments

Surprisingly, Bishop Anthony Dugoch talks about child sexual abuse.  Smile Medal Consultant Comments

  • When the priest sins, the bishop calls him for an interview, admonishes him, and appoints him to make penance” — Bishop Anthony Dogosh said in Jasna Jura last week
  • His words elicited many negative comments, particularly in the context of concealing child sexual abuse in the church. A few days later, the priest apologized
  • We asked the Smile Medal class advisor, who has been a B.A. Bishop since 2007, to rate the controversial opinions. – This statement contradicts not only the Polish legal system, but also the teaching of the Church – at his discretion
  • – Of course, that’s the father’s statement. Bishop Dogosz was a huge surprise to me and I must admit it made me very sad – adds Marek Michalak, former Children’s Ombudsman
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

– When the priest makes a mistake, the bishop calls him for an interview, reproaches him, appoints penance, and then, if he receives a desire for improvement from the priest, forgives him and gives him a chance for a good life and pastoral work – said Anthony Doguz, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Czestochovo During the gathering at Jasna Góra.

The bishop in his opinion “to be a merciful father (…) and give the prodigal son a chance.” This statement immediately provoked a wave of indignation and criticism.

The rest of the text is below the video

“The manifesto contradicts not only the Polish legal system, but also the teaching of the Church”

We asked the Smile Medal class advisor, who has been a B.A. Bishop since 2007, to rate the controversial opinions.

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– Words said by the father. baby. Długosza in Jasna Góra is inappropriate and the reaction of the international chapter of the Order of the Smile in this case, as in any similar case, is unequivocal: we condemn any form of relativism and justification of pedophilia and any other kind of harm to children. Pedophilia is not a crime (as many press headlines have reported recently), it is a crime and a crime committed against a minor – comments by Dr. Michalak.

According to the former Children’s Ombudsman, no one can underestimate the crime of child sexual abuse.

No one can do this, no bishop, vicar, minister, teacher, journalist, no exceptions. It is important that such words always received an unequivocal reaction and I think that in this case it was not only from the President of Poland, but also from secular people and institutions – notes Michalak.

International Association President Janusz Korczak also points out that BP. Długosz, who fell into a special place for Catholics – Jasna Góra – was in conflict not only with “the Polish legal system, but also with the teachings of the Church”.

– It suffices to listen to what Pope Francis, who is also a Knight of the Order of the Smile, announced on this subject, who speaks openly about the crime of pedophilia and is in battle with it – he recalls.

The amazing words “a bishop of children”

“It was a big surprise to him,” said the former Children’s Ombudsman, when asked how he received the bishop’s statement from Czestochowa.

– Of course, that’s the father’s statement. Bishop Dogus has been a great surprise to me and I must admit it made me very sad. Especially when I look at the beautiful card for dad. Bishops for children, especially children with disabilities. He has repeatedly defended children who have been abused and neglected, and whose rights have been violated. As a result, he earned universal respect and recognition. He is commonly referred to as the “Children’s Bishop” – that’s what Michalak mentioned in an interview with Onet.

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– In the quoted statement, Archbishop Dogosh said that it is unacceptable and, unfortunately, excessively harmful. I think it is very important to use the word “I’m sorry” and withdraw the words, bearing in mind that the position of the Presidents of Poland is appropriate, to which his reaction was prompt, firm and appropriate. I hope this is a warning to anyone who will attempt to make any violence relative, especially one as cruel as the crime of child sexual abuse – and he added, recalling that since 2017, for example thanks to the Children’s Ombudsman, child sexual abuse has been widely denounced, which It means that everyone who knows about it is obligated to report it to law enforcement authorities.

There is no procedure to withdraw the Smile Medal

In response to a question about whether Bishop Dogosh might lose the Order of the Smile in the current situation, the social activist pointed out that so far there is no such case, so there is no firm procedure on how to proceed in such situations.

– Adults receive the Smile Medal only at the request of children for services to the youngest. There has never been a situation in history that a chapter has taken away this award from anyone. The official position was that when the court decides to deprive a person of his civil rights and honors, then if he is a knight of the Order of the Smile, he will also lose him by the decision of the court – says the interlocutor.

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– Currently, there is no procedure to deprive the Smile Medal, although we are working on it in the working group. It will be discussed at the next class meeting, most likely in November. In addition to requests for the Smile Medal, we also received two requests to collect it. None of them relate to Bishop Anthony Dugosz. I do not prejudge the decision, because the chapter is independent, non-political and free in its decisions, summarizes Marek Michalek.

Bishop apologized

On Saturday, a few days after Jasna Gora’s memorable appeal, Archbishop Dogus published his statement in which he apologized for his last statement. According to the bishop, his prayer of appeal was misinterpreted.

“I would like to make it clear that my sincere intention was not to protect criminals, because as a long-time pastor of children, I have always understood their harm because of the suffering caused by child sexual abuse. I sincerely apologize to all those affected by my statement,” the priest wrote.

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