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SUVs rule the world. We know why it won’t change

SUVs rule the world.  We know why it won't change

MOTO 2030 is’s Friday series, in which we discuss the most important topics related to the future of the automotive industry, transportation and technology. There will also be interesting stories of the creators and descriptions of the histories of companies whose past has had an impact on what the automotive industry will look like in the future. Cars, roads and cities are changing very dynamically before our eyes. journalists will write every Friday about these changes. HERE YOU CAN FIND ALL ARTICLES FROM THE 2030 MOTO SERIES.

Until recently, cars of most classes and grades were either practical or attractive. Vans and vans were great for carrying the whole family or traveling, but no one was bragging about it. On the other hand, sports cars and off-road cars take care of our image in the eyes of our neighbors, but it is bad to drive on a daily basis. Limousines are impractical, expensive and boring. When SUVs (short for “Sport Utility Vehicle”) appeared on the horizon, they solved all the problems. That is why America first fell in love with them, and a little later the whole world.

At first everyone complained about them, including me. What kind of off-road vehicle can’t you explore the wilderness with? Now I have to put the ashes on my head. We were all wrong, and that’s because the majority of people who use these cars didn’t feel like going off-road at all. They loved tall cars with a menacing shape. Producers hit the nail on the head.

Self-driving cars are the future. Reduce emissions and improve safety

At first, the SUV was off-road. That changed quickly

In addition, it is important to note that SUVs have changed a lot since their birth. At first, they were just off-road cars with road tires. The cars are built on a support frame, with clumsy suspension springs and sluggish engines. After that, they had nothing to do with such a recipe. They have become more civilized to the end, in the case of many models, z Off the track Legends remained and only a threatening look remained, and even then it was not permanent.

There are exceptions to this rule, but they only confirm it. This is certainly the model of an American startup: the Rivian R1S, whose off-road capabilities are emphasized by the creators at every step. Because they are trying to find their own niche in the market. The question is whether owners of Rivian’s flashy electric SUV will really want to check out if the manufacturer isn’t promising pears in the sky. I sincerely doubt it, because I know the stats on SUV users.

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SUVs will take over the world.  The Volvo EX90 is in many ways the most modern SUV in the worldSUVs will take over the world. The Volvo EX90 is in many ways the most modern SUV in the world Volvo pictures

We love SUVs because they combine fire and water into a cohesive whole

Most SUV drivers use their cars as regular vehicles for daily city and highway driving. The most difficult terrain they see is access via a dirt road to a property or plot of land. There is nothing wrong with that.

The SUV manages to perform an acrobatic trick. They got sane and sexy at the same time. Customers devour it with their eyes and want to get it at any cost, and after the purchase they are not disappointed. Most drivers value the features that define them.

It’s not just about looks, it’s also about the fact that angular two-box objects are very practical. You can transport a whole family of seven (the extra seats are often hidden in the trunk) or a three-door wardrobe from Gdansk and look elegant at the same time. Other advantages include increased ground clearance and a higher profile tire for overcoming curbs, as well as high daily driving comfort. enough arguments?

1990 General Motors Impact electric concept carThus began the revolution. History of modern electric cars [MOTO 2030]

If not, I would add that the SUV’s high position behind the wheel makes it easier to monitor the surroundings while driving, which is especially useful in the city. In addition, these cars are very convenient to get into and then get out of. Many owners of premium SUVs are already at the age when this becomes of primary importance. Statistically, younger clients have much less money.

SUVs will take over the world.  The new Cadillac Escalade is a powerful American SUVSUVs will take over the world. The new Cadillac Escalade is a powerful American SUV Cadillac Pictures

Electrification favors SUVs. Here’s why

SUVs were doing great in the market even before they were modified electrical Revolution. Then it turned out that they were created for such an impulse and gained even more momentum.

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One of the biggest weaknesses of electric cars: the high weight and the position behind the wheel is not suitable for many classes of cars. Both advantages result from the need to hide heavy and large traction batteries in the chassis that power the electric motors.

These characteristics are a drama for sports car manufacturers, but in the case of SUVs, it’s just the opposite. It was already long and heavy, so the change is less noticeable and it doesn’t bother customers. The drivers in them sit at the same level as before, at most the ground clearance is slightly reduced, which almost no one uses anyway.

Paradoxically, the placement of the battery between the axles improves the driving characteristics of the SUV, as it lowers its center of gravity and thanks to this, these cars become more stable. You just have to take care of engines powerful enough to accelerate this mass (in the case of electric cars, this is not a problem) and powerful brakes that will stop it effectively.

SUVs will take over the world.  The compact electric Jeep Avenger will be produced in PolandSUVs will take over the world. The compact electric Jeep Avenger will be produced in Poland pocket photos

All-wheel drive, one of the hallmarks of classic SUVs, is also easy to implement in electric vehicles. Just put two built-in motors on the hubs. The classic propeller shaft transmitting the torque of a combustion engine, which takes up a lot of space in the structure, becomes superfluous. Thanks to this, electric SUVs have become more practical, as they have completely flat floors.

Matty Rimac, President, Rimac and BugattiGenius has no title. The revolutionaries are turning the auto industry upside down [MOTO 2030]

SUV owners have always been ahead of the curve. They don’t mind electric driving

There is another major argument in favor of the growing popularity of SUVs in the near future. Buyers of these cars are by nature more advanced and open to new technologies. Plus, they love attention. All this can be achieved by purchasing an electric car, at least as long as it is new.

As soon as they capture the market, which will certainly be the case in developed countries, they will become familiar, but before they do that, they will allow car companies to earn money for the further development of new technologies. And then the engineers of the auto companies will definitely come up with something new again, which will attract capricious but eager customers for new customers.

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The argument can be concluded with the scholastic abbreviation “cbdu” (what would have been proved) placed at the end of the mathematical proof. Traces of this thesis can be seen on the streets. More and more SUVs are driving, which are offered by manufacturers in different size and price segments.

They are also increasingly electric. Such a shift began with the largest, most expensive, and most luxurious models, because they are easier to electrify, but a similar trend is moving lower and lower on price lists. Even if we omit the hard-to-classify crossovers (models that, by definition, combine the features of several types of cars) and focus on classic two-box electric SUVs, there are already quite a few of them.

SUVs will take over the world.  The BMW XM is a powerful hybrid representative of this classSUVs will take over the world. The BMW XM is a powerful hybrid representative of this class BMW Pictures

To name a few: Audi e-tron series, BMW iX, iX1 and iX3 SUV, Mercedes EQx (there are already five of them), Toyota’s new products (bZ4X and Lexus UX300e, RZ), the rest of the twins of the Volkswagen Group (Skoda Enyaq, VW ID.4), as well as a line of SUVs from the brand Volvo Consists of XC40 Recharge, C40 and latest EX90 to lead the way. The Swedish company claims that the Volvo EX90 is the most modern SUV in the world and has many arguments in defense of this thesis.

SUVs take over the world’s roads, or at least the vast majority of them. Honestly, they have already taken over a large part of the world. Now their electric descendants are taking over the baton. That’s okay, because at the moment, modern electric and semi-autonomous SUVs are the best and most universal cars in the world. They are the pinnacle of the automotive revolution. It is a pity that it is not the cheapest, but we will have to wait for now. Like any revolution, this revolution must cost a lot. At the moment, it is funded mainly by wealthy and brave clients.

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