July 28, 2021

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Sweden: Convicted murderers taken hostage.  They have pizza kebab

Sweden: Convicted murderers taken hostage. They have pizza kebab

  • Inmates convicted of murder beat guards with razors attached to toothbrushes and took them hostage, Aftonbladet reports.
  • The incident took place in a prison in Helby, where convicts of serious crimes are being held
  • The kidnappers ordered 20 kebab pizza. Picture of policemen buying pizza circulating on the Internet
  • In the evening, the hostages were released and the perpetrators arrested again
  • More information can be found on the home page of Onet.pl

Isaac DeWitt, 30, and Hind Muhammad Abdullah, 24, who were serving their murder sentence in Swedish custody in Helby, near Eskilstuna, put all local police on their feet.

After a few minutes 12 decided to escape and take hostages. They chose the warden and the prison warden as their victims. They beat them with razors attached to a toothbrush and holed up in the prison guard.

long negotiations

The situation seemed dangerous. According to the local Internet portal Aftonbladet Devitt, who was involved in the kidnapping, had been spending 18 years to kill his father. On the other hand, Abdullah stabbed a 25-year-old youth with a knife.

The road near the prison was cut off. The negotiators entered the game.

According to media reports, the hijackers’ first demand was to deliver a helicopter to the prison. However, this request was not approved.

They ordered 20 pieces of pizza kebab

After five in the evening negotiations resumed. Then the reckless demand left the negotiators dumbfounded. The escaped prisoners ordered the police to buy 20 packs of pizza kebabs and deliver them to the rest of the inmates behind bars.

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Social media circulated a picture in front of a local pizzeria showing officers carrying pizza boxes. The Daily Mail requested comment from Swedish police officer Torbjörn Sivertsson, who “praised the idea of ​​pizza delivery”. – This means that negotiations are underway – values.

In fact, according to PAP, the condition of the hijackers was fulfilled. In the evening, the hostages were released (they were safe) and the perpetrators of the kidnapping were arrested.

The most guarded prison in Sweden

Helby Correctional Facility is the most heavily guarded place of its kind in Sweden. Those convicted of the most serious crimes go there. However, similar incidents have occurred here before. In 2004, two prisoners took the guard hostage and holed up with her in another unit. Then, after several hours of negotiations, they surrendered and released the hostage.

Source: PAP, Aftonplatn

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