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Sweden-Poland Euro 2020. Our opponents about Robert Lewandowski’s “addiction”

Sweden-Poland Euro 2020. Our opponents about Robert Lewandowski's "addiction"

In the context of “Lewy”, the material on is especially interesting. The long text by Eric Neva is almost a document on the Polish sniper, which is given in the introduction. The journalist tries to trace the entire career path of the captain of the Polish national team and the star of Bayern Munich, starting from his beginnings and the events that formed the personality of our football player.

The journalist mentions, among other things, a shocking moment in Liu’s life, when a young man faces the death of his beloved father, his life’s mentor. At that time, the figure of one of the best football players in the world appeared, and the text in question was just a review of Lewandowski’s subsequent years, which were more successful. A significant part also concerns the arrangement of life with his wife Anna, who plays an important role in the life of the beloved.

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However, this material is built primarily on the basis of a certain vivid novel, and is a precursor to the entire article on the Polish sniper. In order to clearly reflect the “left” state overwhelmed by the recording obsession, the author decided to compare it with … addiction.

Some are addicted to alcohol, some to nicotine, and some to adrenaline. Robert Lewandowski is addicted to scoring goals. It is clear that his addiction is not destructive in the same way that we mentioned, but the mechanisms are very similar – we read in the text.

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In the following paragraphs, the author makes it clear that the entire existence of the “left” is subject to goals. The 32-year-old footballer lives for them and does everything from morning to night to be on high alert at all times. This is the answer to the question why victories alone are often not enough to satisfy this super sniper.

Lewandowski left the field several times after an impressive win, and even after title matches, he was unsatisfied. If Robert does not score a goal himself, he feels dissatisfied and incomplete – writes the author. This is evidenced by the reaction of Pep Guardiola, who worked with the player at Bayern Munich and at first could not understand such an exaggerated mentality of his brilliance. Only Manuel Estiarte, the closest assistant and personal advisor to the current Manchester City boss, told him he wouldn’t really understand ‘the left’ because he wasn’t a striker.


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