October 19, 2021

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Szczuczyn: Local government's adventures with science have arrived in town

Szczuczyn: Local government’s adventures with science have arrived in town

Polish and American soldiers, pea soup, science stalls – such attractions await the residents of Szczecin as part of the “Adventures of Local Government with Science” outing.

This is a beautiful thing, because on the one hand, we can remember and miss the holiday, and on the other hand, children and older residents can come and rest a little, meet in the city center, have fun. And when we combine science and fun, it’s a beautiful thing – He says Szczuczyn Mayor, Artur Kuczyński.

The excursion was traditionally hosted by the Agribusiness University of Lomza:

We have four topics prepared: On the use of plants. Sugar substitutes, or how you can use natural plants so you don’t consume sugar. On the other hand, the honey is dissolved in the university, and how can we use this honey. Technically speaking, it is a presentation of drones and robots that can be used for different tasks – He says Vice-Chancellor of the University, Andrzej Borusiewicz.

The organizer of the festivals “Adventures of Self-Government with Science” is the Łomża Self-Government Forum in cooperation with the Omża Higher School of Agribusiness. The next and last time is scheduled for September 30 at Rotaki Kosaki.

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