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Szyk complains about inflation. He postpones the restoration and spends his vacation in the country

Szyk complains about inflation.  He postpones the restoration and spends his vacation in the country

It turns out that Polish celebrities also sell for high prices. “For several months, I tried not to worry about the price hike, cheating myself, but I can no longer do it. We have a gas and electric house, so we have month to month less and less to live in. At least twice. Maybe the prices will go down in a year ?” – Borys Szyc wonders in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza.”

Subsequently, one of the most famous Polish actors indicated how he saved for the vacation: “We spend our vacation in the country, and not – as we are used to – abroad, but I will make a mistake with a complaint,” Szyk said patiently. I love Masuria, and I can see how empty it is here once there were prices in Warsaw and Masuria – now very expensive here and there. People can no longer afford not only yacht charter, but also accommodation … Even the French fries stalls were taken over by the local Pedroncke company. And in the evening, the shelves in the discount stores were as empty as Masurian taverns.”

Inflation in 2022 and 2023. The latest forecasts of experts

In December this year. Inflation will drop to 15%, and at the end of 2023 it will slow down to 7.3%. – Experts from the Institute of Economic Forecasting and Analysis (IPAG) believe.

“In the opinion of the IPAG, throughout 2022 the average level of inflation will reach 13.7%, and its value in December will be 15%. In 2023, the growth rate of consumer prices will be lower, but still well above the level of the inflation target set by the Bank National: Average annual inflation will reach 11.8% and 7.3% in December.” – We read in the Institute’s quarterly report.

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“The increase in the value of monthly inflation rates, which began in February 2021, and which clearly accelerated until the beginning of 2022, is a worrying phenomenon and is currently one of the main problems of the Polish economy” – the experts emphasized.

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