June 19, 2021

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Take care not to fall on the broken glass bridge in China | World and Science

Tourists catch a broken glass bridge on Mount PionPlayback / Twitter

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Posted on 05/10/2021 1:47 pm

In Longjing, northeast China, a tourist who went to see a glass bridge more than 90 meters high on Pian Mountain caught himself last Friday, 07, without falling. , Which raised concerns about the safety of glass bridges in the country. The image of the tourist holding himself so as not to fall was seen thousands of times on social media. Information from The Sun newspaper.

Several pieces of glass were thrown on the bridge deck by winds blowing at 100 miles per hour. The man was able to crawl to safety about half an hour later with the help of firefighters, police and tour personnel. He was taken to a hospital where he received psychiatric care. Although there is no information about the victims, the picture of the hanged tourist has been viewed more than 4 million times on social media.

Glass bridges are becoming increasingly popular in mountain resorts in China as a way to attract tourists in search of novelty and adventure. By the end of 2016, at least 60 glass bridges will be under construction across the country, according to the Earth Journal published by the Geological Museum of China.

The most famous of the glass bridges is at the tourist site Zhangjiajie in Hunan, where a bridge 430 meters long and 6 meters wide is suspended 300 meters from the ground between two hills.

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In 2018, the province of Hebei in northern China introduced technical standards for glass bridges and sidewalks, providing guidelines for materials, location, design and construction. For example, glass bridges should not be built in areas with high seismic activity and should be closed during bad weather and natural disasters, and the number of pedestrians on these bridges and sidewalks should not exceed three per square meter.

Bean Mountain Resort is closed. Longjing City Hall conducts security checks at all tourist sites. Police are also investigating the case.