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Talk to 225 millionaires. He betrays their ways of getting rich

Talk to 225 millionaires.  He betrays their ways of getting rich
  • Tom Corley interviews 225 millionaires. Divide them into four types
  • Regardless of the class, the vast majority of them share one feature
  • Influenced by the conversations, the author developed a short list of habits that characterize successful people
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Tom Corley is an American accountant, financial advisor, and author of books on finance such as “How the Rich Do It, 30 Priceless Habits” and “Rich Children. A Guide for Smart Parents.”

Types of millionaires

According to Tom Corley, wealthy people are divided into four types:

  1. Provider investor. No matter where and what location they work in, saving and investing is part of their daily routine. They are still thinking of smart ways to increase their wealth.
  2. Company climber. They’re working for a big one comp. They spend their time and energy climbing the corporate hierarchy ladder. They keep doing this until they end up in a senior management position – with a really high salary.
  3. talented people. They are the best at what they do and get highly rewarded for their knowledge and experience. They usually have a higher and specialized education and degrees (eg in law or medicine).
  4. dreamers; They strive to realize their dreams of creating their own company, to become famous actors, artists or authors. Dreamers love what they do and their passion is reflected in their account balance.
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