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“Tanks for TVN? Forget it.” Americans threaten PiS

"Tanks for TVN? Forget it."  Americans threaten PiS

  • The effects of the fight on TVN may be painful for some PIS politicians
  • Our speakers recalled that Joe Biden was vice president with Barack Obama when the US administration imposed sanctions on top Hungarian officials in 2014.
  • The United States wants to try to solve the TVN problem “softly.” Onat’s information shows that they intend to hold private talks with specific representatives of the government camp, both directly and through intermediaries.
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US diplomacy against Discovery-owned TVN has taken the PIS threats very seriously. Washington has no illusions that the law, prepared by a government camp known as “Lex TVN”, directly targets this US investment in the Vistula River.

So, among others Strong words from the adviser to US Secretary of State Derek Solt, he said in an interview for Rzeczpospolita President Joe Biden was directly interested in the matter. Its officers send signals to the PiS through other channels.

As we have already mentioned in Onet, The most serious warnings were made in the pages of a recent conversation between Deputy Prime Minister Jarroza Gov. With US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimonto. Gov. sent this information to the government.

Hungarian writing?

Onat’s report shows that the Americans are threatening Warsaw with freezing contacts at the highest level for a long time.

News: If you think you’ll get us out of TVN, but you can buy our tanks, you’re wrong. You will not do any serious business for a long time – we ask our government informants.

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Let us recall the special conference of the 1st Armored Regiment in Warsaw-Wesona. Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaskiyasky and National Defense Minister Mariusz Baszak have announced that the Polish military will purchase 250 US tanks of the 3rd generation M1A2 Abrams SEPv3.. This is the latest variant of the vehicle that entered the service of the US Army in 2019-2020.

The entire project will cost about $ 23 billion.

The consequences of fighting can be painful for certain politicians. Not sure what this will look like. Our speakers recalled that Joe Biden was vice president with Barack Obama. When the US administration imposed sanctions on top Hungarian officials in 2014.

Six people, including the head of the Washington Federal Tax Office, have been barred from entering the United States. The United States has accused these people of profiting from corruption. The sanctions were an unprecedented event because Hungary is a member of NATO and in principle one of the US allies.

However, this is the result of allegations of Hungarian-Russian cooperation in the energy sector and violation of the rule of law. A similar move towards PiS politicians is the use of nuclear weapons.

So the US wants to try to solve the TVN problem “softly”. Onat’s information shows that he intends to hold talks with specific representatives of the government camp – directly and through intermediaries.

Interestingly, they should be used for this purpose for the sake of others the contacts of the opposing US Republicans who have maintained relations with PiS for many years. The leaders of the two major American parties speak with one voice on the issue. Americans believe the force of coercion will be enough.

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The rest of the article below the video:

The status of the talks may be tomorrow. The Sezm Committee on Culture and Media meets in the Sezm and is to deal with it Amendments to the Broadcasting Act piloted by close friend Marek Suzuki Partner of Zaroshov Kaczyaski.

Formally, the group only publishes unrestricted comments on Sejm. This is the room for deciding the fate of the amendments (to be discussed in the draft on August 11). However, tomorrow’s discussion may shed light on the current game situation regarding TVN.

Keep in mind that the draft states, “The license to broadcast radio and television programs may be granted to a European person’s seat or permanent residence by a foreign national who is a member of the European Economic Area. The foreigner’s dependent on a seat or permanent residence in a country that is not a member state of the European Economic Area.

In short, TVN is directly controlled by a company registered in the Netherlands, i.e. a country in the European Union, but its owner is American Discovery. So this project only attacks this company.

Corrections in Sezmil

Jarosa Gove proposes an amendment to the draft agreement. This is to expand the group of countries that may be the majority media owners To all OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries in Poland. Its member is the United States.

However, this solution was criticized by the Prime Minister.

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– I do not want to offend any country in the world, but in fact there are countries that I think are 99 percent. The Poles, (…) agree with me that we do not want the media operating in Poland to get out of there. Not to mention the fact that Russia is an interested country and is likely to join the OECD in a few years. So this is not a good criterion for OECD countries, ”Mathews Moravic said at a news conference last Thursday.

However, he ignored the fact that Russia had stopped annexing Russia’s OECD after annexing Crimea in 2014.

A change was proposed by Paves Kukis. This amendment will prohibit the purchase of private media shares by the private treasury.

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