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Tanner Polina Bernat returns to the salons after a break. He’ll be a little lost in this suit

Tanner Polina Bernat returns to the salons after a break.  He'll be a little lost in this suit

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Around Paulina Bernat His voice rose in 2010, when he appeared on the dance floor, and he was still broadcasting at the time TVNDance show. Her first partner on the show was Artur Parques, but after the seventh episode they gave up on their crystal ball dreams due to an injury to the actor who quit further participation. Bernat has returned to the program five more times, and although she never manages to reach the top spot, she has made friends with her two accompanying partners.

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Paulina Bernat returns to the wall after the break

In 2011, the dancer trained in the program Michał Szpak, with which she finally took fifth place in “Dancing with the Stars”. I’m still in contact with the singer until now, and their frequent meetings and close relationships became the reason obstacleThat something could connect them. Last year, Polina Bernat cut the speculation by asserting in an interview with Jastrząb Post that Michał Szpak is like a brother to her.

The dancer is also a friend of Qczaj who was her partner in the 9th edition of Polsat. She also established professional relationships with the coach. Recently, Bernat has become interested in psychology and coaching, and she also gives lectures at qczajkaps. In January of this year, she reported on Instagram that she participated in it eight times.

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As a dancer on the Polsat program, she last appeared in the twelfth edition of the show, which aired in the fall of 2021. Together with Wojciech Węcławowicz, they pulled out, unfortunately, already in the second episode. Since then, Bernat has focused mainly on organizing workshops, but decided to remind herself during the premiere of Anna Klimchoska’s second book, Time Hurt on niemiłość. For the occasion, the dancer chose a very safe and fashionable outfit – an oversized white jacket with high-waisted trousers. She added a shiny top to it and completed it all with a classic one black Circumstance.

Paulina BernatPaulina Bernat Adam Jankowski / Reporter / East News

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