September 21, 2021

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Abolicja podatkowa. Zgłoszenie zaległego dochodu bez konsekwencji

Tax cancellation. Report accrued income without consequences

Dzenic Gazeta Brauna announces that tax abolition is imminent. We check when and under what terms they apply.

data They are the burden of most Polish business activity. Almost all possible services are burdened with taxes in favor of the state. That’s why this year Tax Freedom Day was on June 22, 2021.

In the meantime, we read in the Monday (June 28, 2021) issue of “Dzenic Gazeta Brauna” Tax abolition is coming. Ministry of Finance Customized recipes.

Tax abolition in Poland

Ministry of Finance experts, citing the DGP, found that “OhFrom July to the end of December next year, it will be possible to report previous income that was not taxed, and pay an 8% tax on this income or a 2% tax on the value of property abroad.”

Such a solution would allow businesses to have a fresh start with a clean tax account, without any risky habits or opaque tax practices.

Jan Sarnovsky, Deputy Minister of Finance

The quoted data shows that The government program will cover undisclosed income from owning shares in foreign companies, financial instruments and real estate. The newspaper writes that there will also be cases where the taxpayer or payer has obtained حصل Tax advantage of not declaring taxable income in Poland.

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This also applies when The taxpayer will misjudge his actual tax residence And, for example, it uses an agreement to avoid double taxation that is contrary to its purpose or to make artificial and economically unjustified movements on property, including intangible assets.

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