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Teleplatform of the First Contact of the National Health Fund – Number and hours of operation

Teleplatforma Pierwszego Kontaktu NFZ

First Contact Teleplatform operates during primary care clinic closing hours. Therefore, patients can call her not only on weekends, but also every day from 6 pm until 8 am.

Teleplatforma First Contact (TPK), created by NFZ, has been in operation since May 25. There, patients will receive medical advice and, if needed, also receive electronic prescription, referral or email. The phone will be picked up by a nurse or midwife, and the patient can also be taken directly to the doctor or an ambulance can be called.

Teleplatform – phone number and hours of operation

The first Teleplatform call is available on a toll-free number 800137200. Patients will receive necessary medical assistance there Daily from 6.00 PM to 8.00 AM And on weekends and public holidays. The platform can also be used by deaf people.

You can call the teleplatform number and get the first advice. The phone will be answered by a nurse or midwife who will ask us some control questions and decide whether she can advise us on her own or call a doctor who will get to know our health in more detail – said Philip Nowak, Acting President of the National Health Fund.
The phone platform aims to improve the healthcare system and facilitate patient access to the doctor. Unfortunately, there are still situations when people go to them Hospital emergency ward, while places are prohibited for people in a life-threatening situation – said Deputy Health Minister Anna Golafska.

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Who can use the NFZ Phone Platform?

The phone platform is targeting insured patients in Poland, but will be supported in four languages: Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Calling the number TPK (phone 800137200) is free and can only be done from Poland, because the platform is only foreseen Insured and live in our country.

Deaf patients can also benefit from a remote counseling with a nurse, midwife or doctor. Especially for them, teleplatform gives advice via a private video chat. Contact is made in sign language, with the support of a Polish sign language interpreter.

How to contact with TPK?

After calling the TPK, the patient will hear a short message informing them that they have reached their first Teleplatform. After listening to it, the patient will be able to choose the language in which the counseling will be provided.

  1. The nurse or midwife will drop you first. After verifying his data in terms of his eligibility for health care services and registering the application, the nurse or midwife will conduct a necessary interview to assess the patient’s health condition.
  2. During the call, the patient can count on a professional consultation, during which the nurse or midwife can issue an electronic prescription and advise on how to proceed. In situations of life-threatening and health-threatening emergencies, a nurse or midwife will advise you The emergency medical team.
  3. If the nurse or midwife decides that the patient needs additional counseling, she will refer the patient to the doctor on the same call.
  4. The medical consultation begins with the completion of the interview given by a nurse or midwife. During the conversation with the doctor, after the health evaluation, the patient may receive a prescription, electronic referral, or electronic writing.
  5. When urgent medical intervention is required, the doctor will contact the emergency medical team. He can also refer the patient to the nearest healthcare facility for night and vacation if the patient needs personal contact with the doctor.

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