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Temtem – Review and opinion about the game [PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC]. The best alternative to Pokemon, but…

Temtem - Review and opinion about the game [PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC].  The best alternative to Pokemon, but...

The Pokemon series is hugely popular, productions have broken new records, but not all players can get acquainted with all these attractions. Crema studio decided to respond to the expectations of a wide audience and the developers prepared a successful response to the adventures of the Pikachu team. What is Temtem? Read our review.

There have been smaller projects on the market for years, whose creators want to take advantage of the popularity of later parts of the Pokemon series and bring their alternatives to market. However, none of the games enjoyed as much community attention as Crema studio production – the title raised over $570,000 on Kickstarter and the first success allowed the team to realize mumbled. This is a huge curiosity confirming that the Pokemon Company may someday face decent competition, but in the case of the reviewed item, one stupid decision was made.

Temtem takes a bunch of Pokemon success

in review mumbled I’m going to refer a lot to the world of The Pokemon Company, but I feel like it’s really hard to get to grips with this game without thinking about Ash’s adventures in Alabasty. As in many games of the Pokemon series – in mumbled We play a young hero who wakes up one day and has to visit a local professor. He has three creatures prepared for him in this case and this is how our adventure begins – to become Master Temtem. At first glance, the whole story seems more elaborate than the suggestions of the Japanese screenwriters, because at each step we can choose several lines of dialogue, but in the end it all comes down to one thing: we run from city to city, help the local community so that we can fight the Dojo leaders We have to face a local group of thugs all the time, and sometimes we get the chance to meet our rival friend to test ourselves in duels. Sound familiar? Sure yes, but this is just the beginning of great comparisons.

Temtem is the name of the creatures in the “atmospheric archipelago” – Even here it is easy to find an analogy with the Japanese hit, in which the title of the game is identical to the name of the monsters circulating around the world. Temtem is distinguished by genre and during your adventure you will encounter aquatic, plant, fire, electric, psychic, poisonous, terrestrial, flying, natural, digital, combat or crystal creatures. Each monster is characterized by stats, attacks and new skills can be acquired by increasing its level – the game does not even run out of evolution, but this is a little different, because in this case Thaiko turns into Monkko after reaching level 20, and Vulvir becomes Vulor after level 14, then it is Get the third shape after another 28 levels. The creators did not provide specific levels, because a lot depends on what level the character joins our team. There are also some other developmental dependencies in the game, because in some cases character training is not the most important thing – getting to know all these elements gave me a lot of fun… We use special TemCards – they can also be used to summon characters to fight. Of course, the game also includes different versions of cards, thanks to which we can pick up more interesting samples.

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There are a total of 164 Temtems… which is a bit more than the first generation of Pokemon (151). However, I must stress that Crema did not disappoint me in one way – I loved their creatures. The developers have developed a number of different monsters, some of them resemble the work of the Japanese in some way, but in general I was positively surprised by what Temtem looks like. I found a team easily, and from time to time I eagerly exchanged new samples.

Temtem proposes one-on-two duels

Temtem - Review - Fight

The biggest change in the reviewed Temtem occurs during combat, Because our hero uses two TemCards at the same time, and during a duel with other wild creatures or trainers, we participate in a struggle between two people. We always have two characters at our disposal – the slight exceptions are when we encounter a wild lone Temtem or our inventory is collapsing and we have to deal with the last living monster. In addition, Temtem does not contain mana (MP), and every move uses stamina – this seems like a small change, but it has a huge impact on the gameplay, as it adds an extra tactical character to the competition.

If our character only has very strong skills that use a lot of stamina, then Temtem will have to rest or use potions during the fight – with their help we can replenish health and stamina. The situation is interesting because we don’t really need to regenerate stamina, but if we don’t, our creature will suffer damage while inflicting an attack. On the other hand, we don’t have to think about wasting the deputy while running in the bush, but during the most dangerous clashes you have to manage the belt very wisely. In addition, only some moves will be used from a certain turn, which also means that during each fight it is necessary to plan your actions, and it is worth emphasizing that it is important to choose your team well, because Temtem can interact with each other by conquering their attacks. Temtem has big fights that made me want to go back to the game, because the developers managed to set up very complex and tactical duels.

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Classically in combat, it is worth paying attention to the types and abilities of Temtem, because by choosing the right skills we can double the attack, but by choosing the wrong skills, we will not do the expected damage. In addition, creatures have positive or negative traits that can also change the face of combat.

Crema studio realized that Temtem did not disappoint in a very important aspect – production is much more difficult than all previous installments of the Pokemon series. Fighting even ordinary creatures might prompt you to turn to therapy, and we still meet other trainers on our way. There are a lot of battles, it is often necessary to choose attacks very carefully, and I felt a bitter taste of defeat not once or twice. Creators in the same world have little Temtem Centers scattered around, where we can heal characters, and even next to them in the shop to buy the cure or said TemCards. Particularly challenging battles can be found while completing story missions, but it’s interesting that the game also has a lot of side missions – although they are very repetitive.

Temtem is… MMORPG?

Temtem - Review - A group of people

The biggest issue I have with the reviewed Temtem is the offline gameplay, because… the game doesn’t offer such attractions. If we want to start production, we have to log into the server and buy a subscription (PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Switch Online) and only after a while we can start the game. There is no classic save in the title, because all our achievements are automatically saved to the server. In my opinion, this is a bad decision, because you will not play the position in a place where you do not have a permanent network connection. I know from experience that mumbled It does not require a very strong internet, but there are times when we cannot get into the server, so in this case the game is impossible.

The developers decided to take this step to make sure that in Airborne Archipelago we encounter many players … and in fact, as we go around the world, we encounter other trainers running with their creatures. It might look good on paper, but the Nintendo Switch obviously doesn’t perform well sometimes and Temtem can choke the Japanese podium hard. Seeing other people in the world we can invite them to fight, make transactions or run around the world together, but I’m convinced that multiplayer should be an option in this case. During story missions, I had the opportunity to run alongside a dozen or more players several times, which resulted in me not being able to locate an NPC – there were several other trainers beside her.

Temtem - Review - After the fight

The archipelago is divided into six islands, but we can not get to all the places from the beginning – if we want to travel between the locations, we have to complete the story missions, because soon it turns out that our hero needs, for example, a skate to be able to break through some surfaces. The player can also surf, climb or jump on the Temtem. The creators of many places extend the fun in particular by offering quests in which we have to go through a large part of the map – the decline is especially sharp in the second half of the adventure. You’ll complete the whole story in about 25 hours, but I’m sure you could have cut back the story by at least 5 hours. The studio has not forgotten about the gameplay after the end of the story – in this case, we can continue to collect Temtem, participate in duels with other trainers, go to dungeons, or even … decorate our headquarters.

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Production on the Nintendo platform runs at 30fps – although, as I mentioned, the game has problems holding that number in some situations. As for the Temtem resolution, it provides 720-560p playback on a small screen and 1080p – 900p on a TV. The situation looks nice, but of course you have to take into account the limitations of the platform. Creators should also take care of at least one update, because production can crash – a black screen means I have to reset the game, but thankfully, autosave works on the server even during battle, so I haven’t lost any progress. During the game I also had issues with the servers which is why I had to stop playing – in my opinion, the decision to go online always had a terrible effect on the entire production and ultimately the experience.

Is it worth paying attention to Temtem?

On the other hand, Crema studio has prepared the most interesting alternative to the Pokemon series, but unfortunately the developers focused on multiplayer gameplay. This has a negative impact on the experience, because we can only play the hub in select places plus the Nintendo Switch is having trouble controlling events.

However, the game offers a very good combat system that engages you and can positively surprise you, and collecting Temtem is an interesting experience. The main plot is not particularly interesting, but it encourages you to discover production and spend the next hours in the world.

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