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Tennis. Osaka withdrew from the tournament. hard entry

Tennis.  Osaka withdrew from the tournament.  hard entry

The Japanese woman’s resignation from the battle for victory in Paris shook the watchers of the Grand Slam title race. On Monday, Osaka, whose organizers threatened to disqualify her for avoiding post-match press conferences, responded bluntly. “The best thing for the tournament, for the other players and for my well-being is that I’m quitting so everyone can focus on tennis,” the WTA runner-up wrote on Twitter.

Osaka already announced on Wednesday that it does not intend to attend meetings with journalists in Paris. In this way, she said, she wanted to draw attention to problems related to mental health and the fight against depression.

Iwansky, head coach of PZT, decided to comment on the matter. And these are very controversial words, as they hit hard a seriously ill tennis player. “The world is an increasingly interesting place. Every newspaper in the world writes about the depression of a spoiled ballerina who earns $50 million a year in a profession that depends on dealing with stress” – the coach began his entry.

Photo: Facebook / tomasz.iwanski.10

Tomasz Iwański’s Facebook entry

Then he suggested that the basis for a well-thought-out view of Osaka’s problems is … money. “I wonder if the bosses of an anonymous employee earning 50, but thousands of zlotys a year, and not in a profession where dealing with pressure is the basis of success, on his motto that he is depressed and not going to meet customers in the store, would arrange for him help and anxiously they wrote advertisements to all parties, and how much effect on them and they want to help solve his horrific problems, or … put him out of business in five minutes” – you can read.

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Iwansky acknowledges that depression is dangerous, but … does not distinguish it from a normal injury, claiming that it is an injury “only in a different field.” He also says that the disease itself would have less reach and less impact on people – like Osaka – everyone who got it “got 50 million bubbles a year”.

The coach commented, inter alia, co-founder of Kanał Sportowy, long-time journalist from Canal + Sport, Tomasz Smokowski, who suffered from depression himself (he talked about it in an interview with Onet Sport -> I read here). “The head of the Olympic delegation on behalf of the Polish Tennis Federation, the head coach of the Polish Tennis Federation, published the post. It was supposed to be funny. There was no knowledge of the disease, no sympathy, no thinking.?” – wrote on Twitter.

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