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Tennis. The WTA Championship in Rome. Iga Świątek wins the final match without losing the match

Tennis.  The WTA Championship in Rome.  Iga Świątek wins the final match without losing the match

A victory, but in whatever style. Iga Świątek did not lose the match in the WTA 1000 final in Rome with Karolina Pliszkova. You played perfectly. The match lasted only 46 minutes. This is the third victory of a Polish woman in the WTA tournaments. He would get 178,000 for the victory. euro. On Monday he will be in 10th place in the WTA ranking.

Iga Świątek never ceases to be admired and cheerful. The 6: 0 result in the first set of the match against one of the best tennis players in recent years was impressive. It was at this point in the meeting that the 19-year-old Polish girl approached excellence in tennis. You have completely dominated the competitor. She scored 24 out of 28 points, made 1 easy mistake (Czech 10), and was 100% effective after the first serve. This tennis party lasted 22 minutes.

Pliszkova could not find any excuses. She was much weaker, and in front of her was a hero. To get such stats, and in the final, you have to play at tournament level. And your lips play that. There was no coincidence in her plays. Most of the strokes were carefully studied, and were also the result of a great mental, physical and technical preparation.

Polish women did not lose focus in the second group. The execution began immediately. She won the first match without losing a single point, and in the second match she broke the Czech national team. Pliszkova nervously could not stand it. I broke the missile, then made a double mistake in service. Helpless, shattered, without believing that she can make a difference – this is what Iga’s rival شvetiek looks like. Only the third jewel of the second set was played in her favor, and the Polish woman had to defend two break points. And she defended them in her own way.

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The fate of the final was decided in practice. But the question was whether the Czechs would win at least an honorary game, or whether the match would end with a “bike” (tennis points 6: 0, 6: 0). Swiatek had no mercy. She kept showing. She did not lose a match, although in the last match Blizkova had a chance to defend her reputation in tennis and gained an advantage. She focused on the last ball, and didn’t allow herself to lose until that match.

The second set lasted 23 minutes, the whole match 46 minutes. Cvitic scored 51 points and the opponent only 13 points. Only five superficial errors were made. You have played a final that will be remembered for years.

Iga witik (Poland, 15) – Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic 6) 6-0, 6-0.

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