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Tensions between the United States and Iran. Restless at sea – o2

Tensions between the United States and Iran.  Restless at sea - o2

The incident took place on Monday. According to CBS News, relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated due to a stalemate in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. At the same time, according to the United Nations, Tehran is continuing to enrich uranium at the nuclear level.

Tensions between the United States and Iran. Restless at sea

The U.S. Navy says its patrol ship USS Sirocco and high-speed transporter USNS Choctaw County are close to three Iranian high-speed boats near the Strait of Hormuz as it enters the Persian Gulf.

In the video shared by the Americans, you can see a boat turning upside down towards the USS Sirocco.

According to the Americans, the Iranian boat was about 50 yards close to its naval-owned ship, which posed the risk of a direct collision.

The official statement said that the actions of the Revolutionary Guard did not meet the international standards for professional and safe conduct at sea and increased the risk of conflict.

However, in a statement to the Associated Press, the US side said it was the second “dangerous and professional” incident in recent months near the Persian Gulf.. The Americans are talking about the events of March 4 when three Iranian ships came into close contact with the US Navy. At that time, the distance between ships was about 25 yards.

Two U.S. Coast Guard vessels issued several warnings via radio and warning flares, the release said.

Iran and the world powers agreed to a nuclear deal in 2015, under which Tehran severely restricted uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting sanctions.. However, three years later, Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal, creating tensions in the Middle East and provoking a series of events.

Later, in Vienna, negotiations began for a return to the nuclear deal. However, since March, they have been at a standstill and currently show no signs of improvement. At the same time, Iran is continuing its efforts to enrich uranium.

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