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Tesla is in trouble after Autopilot crashes. An investigation is underway in the US

The US Department of Justice explains the circumstances of accidents during the operation of the autopilot system, supporting the driver. In some cases, there were fatalities. There are many indications that car users do not fully understand the limitations of these equipment elements.

According to the tests conducted IIHS If Euro NCAPsystem Autopilot, used in Tesla cars, is a very effective way to assist the driver. However, the occasional mishaps that occur while using a computer require limited trust in it. Now, according to Automotive News Europe, Justice Department investigators in Washington and San Francisco are probing whether Tesla misled its customers about the system’s capabilities.

There is not enough investigation into the circumstances of the crashes to determine whether the car manufacturer is not recommending that buyers use Autopilot. Use autopilot mode. In 2020, Elon Musk said in an interview with Automotive News that the problems were caused by customers not using the system in accordance with the instructions for use. On the other hand, however Musk said in 2016 that Autopilot is better than the driver in the form of a man. Investigators will check whether media reports or references to the use of Tesla cars could suggest to buyers that they are dealing with a fully autonomous car.

On the Tesla website or in the manuals, you can read that the Autopilot system is designed to assist with steering, braking, acceleration and lane changes. These functions do not make the vehicle autonomous. But if the company’s announcements on the website and manuals are so clear, why are there so many incidents where the autopilot is on and the driver is taking something completely different? American company NHTSA investigated the fate of 830,000 people. Tesla cars and 16 collisions were foundIt happened while the computer was in use.

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Investigators can file criminal charges against Tesla employees, apply for civil sanctions, but stop the investigation without taking any further action.

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