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Thanks to her, Elizabeth II became queen. Wallis Simpson died in solitude and suffering

Thanks to her, Elizabeth II became queen.  Wallis Simpson died in solitude and suffering

  1. Wallis Simpson was the wife of King Edward VIII, the uncle of Elizabeth II. For her love, he gave his brother the crown – at that time it was inconceivable that a king would have a divorced wife

  2. The Duchess of Windsor has faced many health problems. Even before the age of 50, she had cancer

  3. She had the exceptional “bad luck” for injuries – she repeatedly rehabilitated with fractures. She broke her hip twice

  4. She suffered from severe intestinal bleeding as a result of a serious intestinal disease and ulcers that appeared there

  5. At the end of her life, she was confined to a bed. Possibly suffering from dementia, unable to speak

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beloved patient

Wallis Simpson had two insurmountable “flaws” on the part of the royal family and the British Parliament at the time: she was an American and a divorcee. These “characteristics” prevented her from being a candidate for the wife of the King of the United Kingdom. Edward VIII knew that he would not convince anyone of his beloved, so he chose a different path: he gave up the crown. Apparently, he never regretted it, always assuring that Wallis gave him the happiness he had never dreamed of.

They were married for 37 years, until the death of the Duke of Windsor (he died of a tumor in the throat, as did his brother – George VI). Wallis had already had health problems (in 1944 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and seven years later – cervical cancer, but little is known about the treatment of the Duchess), but only after the departure of her lover her health deteriorated.

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Her loneliness helped with this. Simpson did not have a good relationship with the royal family. Its members did not appear at the wedding of Edward and Wallis, the couple were not invited to family celebrations, so that the title worn by the former ruler – the Duchess of Windsor – was not officially awarded to her. These relationships did not change even after Edward’s death.

Alcohol, fasting, and those “unfortunate guts”

Wallis was left alone and soon fell into alcoholism, which exacerbated her physical and mental problems. The restrictive diets that she was subjected to from a young age did not help to recover (apparently, she often starved, and at some point in her life she weighed only 44 kg).

Wallis spent several months rehabilitating and treating complications from hip and rib fractures in the 1970s. These problems returned several times later in life. Thus, the Duchess was in a wheelchair. She also had great difficulty swallowing, and later also seeing and speaking. According to some sources Edward VIII’s wife has lost her ability to speak since 1980, which means she hasn’t spoken for the last six years of her life.

In 1976, three years after her husband’s death, Simpson was hospitalized with a collapse after extensive internal bleeding. It was the result of intestinal problems, which worsened a year ago – the Duchess was most likely diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (although there is talk of ulcers). Her condition was very bad. Some felt that “in the hospital, they should let her die”, rather than out of the house, where she ended up being a “human wreck”.

How Wallis Simpson’s health had deteriorated was told by Sir Nicholas Henderson, the British ambassador to Paris who was allowed to see the Duchess in 1977. “Her hands, which immediately caught my eye, were crooked and paralyzed. Our handshake was superficial. There was nothing on her face that looked like a dominant expression known to the whole world.

From dementia to hoax

According to some theories, the Duchess of Windsor suffered from dementia, as evidenced by amnesia, although the nature of dementia is unknown. However, although Wallis Simpson was already sick and weak, her withdrawal from public life was most likely due not only to health problems, but also to an individual.

It’s about her lawyer Susan Bloom, who – literally – got a power of attorney from the Duchess to manage her vast fortune. Apparently, Bloom, who was later found to be manipulating Simpson’s resources and subconsciously selling her valuables, denied access to the Duchess, refused to allow her friends to visit her and created the myth of a sick, semi-conscious old woman herself. How much the truth was in him, we’ll probably never know.

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