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That’s when she looked like Laluna from the “Queens of Life”! Shown photos without tattoos and sales (photos)

That's when she looked like Laluna from the "Queens of Life"!  Shown photos without tattoos and sales (photos)

a program queens of life It turned out to be a catapult for many involved in a career in show business. Although at first she only played the first violin Dagmara Kaźmierska And it was her life that fascinated the tabloids, and she followed in the footsteps of more champions of the figure, which today can also boast of popularity in social media.

Laluna from “Queens of Life” and her transformation

One of the “Queens of Life” that cut coupons from the popularity they gained on the show is Laluna is unique. Catherine AlexanderSince this is what is called one of the most vibrant heroines of this form, she was famous not only for her distinctive way of being, but also for the many treatments and operations that completely changed her appearance.

As reported in the media in the past, Laluna, among others, Three breast surgeries, double fillers for the buttocks, liposuction, as well as a tummy tuck and rhinoplasty. Recently, she bragged about having another surgery, which, as she herself remembers, included Full face, mouth, eyes and legs lift. It looked completely different in the recordings I posted after later corrections.

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This is what Laluna from the “Queens of Life” once looked like

However, many are wondering what Laluna looked like before the massive transformation, which – according to recent celebrity decisions – is still going on. The “The Queen of Life” star has already flaunted photos from the past on social media, but she also showed off some archival photos on the show that brought her fame. Based on their attitude, it’s safe to say so Today it is no longer the same.

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Laluna’s mother, Lydia Lerch KasperskaShe doesn’t mind her transformation and claims that what she looks like today is “the real one.”

Kaśka also has her own world to show, and she loves to be different. He doesn’t like to dress like everyone else, he loves tattoos, he loves good cars, he loves to play, he loves life. And then he turns back – because he also loves his daughter, he has time for her, he has time to go on vacation with her, to spend time with her. This is their life – Confirmed in an interview with Gazeta Powiatowa – Wiadomości Oławskie.

See how it looked once. Do you meet her on the street?

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who likes her. This world is gone for dogs. More and more plastics are making a career. Gone are naturally beautiful women.

Her body condition 🤷

Where do you get the money for this life? Any interesting past?

She did and she’s hiding behind the filters anyway

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He is a very nice and good man…..he looks nice now…but what will happen in old age?

She had a rough face, a weak back and no intelligence, but she was graceful–a fine, firm thigh, waist and stomach–very feminine.

In old photos 100% mother

I can see a crooked nose, something must have gone wrong

She looked great, and her knees were amazing… 👍

If she really looks like in those pictures posted on the web, that would be really good.

Who knows this family closer? 20 years ago I was on vacation and we became friends with the family next door, and a confusingly similar mother had a husband, Zyge, I suppose the name Zygmunt was

Despite all these processes, he still retouches photos 🤯

She had a great figure before the treatment, it’s a pity that she underwent a scalpel, because it was really cool! Her face was so strong, no treatment needed, she looked good!

Not Roxy, Rothelatern, Di

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