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The 125th team in the FIFA ranking shocked the football world. Football “Black Night in History”

The 125th team in the FIFA ranking shocked the football world.  Football "Black Night in History"

Ten meetings of the League of Nations are scheduled for Sunday, 25 September. We got to know the final results, among other things in the first group of the third division, the biggest surprise was the result of the match between Turkey and the Faroe Islands.

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Faroe Islands with an exciting victory over the undefeated Turkey. He stunned the World Team 125

After 5 rounds, Turkey led confidently with 13 points and a great goal balance (17:3). The Faroe Islands team came in third place with five points. In the first game of both teams, the Turks won 4-0 at home. In Torshavn, for a long time, none of the teams was able to take effective action. In the 41st minute, Kerim Akturkoglu scored the opponents’ goal, but after checking the video, the hit was not recognized.

Back on the field, the Faroe Islands did a great job. Fillormore Davidson opened the scoring in the 53rd minute and was assisted by Solvi Vatnamar. Six minutes later, the Faroe Islands were 2-0 up. Joan Simon Edmondson scored the second goal with a pass from Jacob Andreasen.

Coach Stefan Koontz responded immediately and introduced three new players to the game. For a long time it had no effect, and the Turks could not build an effective business. They did this only in the 89th minute, when Serdar Gürler scored the home side’s goal. The visitors did not follow up the blow and the match ended with an unexpected victory for the opponents. The Faroe Islands won 2-1, marking their second victory in the competition, defeating the so far undefeated group leader.

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The FIFA ranking may prove the size of the surprise. The Faroe Islands rank 125th in it, just ahead of Togo and Comoros, and Turkey comes in at 42nd. In the local team valued at more than 3.5 million euros, only five players play outside the islands in the Atlantic. For comparison, the valuation of Turkish employees is 259 million euros.

– Black night in Turkish football: we lost 1-2 to the Faroe Islands! And today there was one of the most painful defeats for Turkish football”, comments

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In the second match of this group, Luxembourg beat Lithuania 1-0. In the end, the Turks turned out to be the best in the group, scoring 13 points. Luxembourg came second (11 points) and the Faroe Islands third (8 points). The table was closed by Lithuania, who won just one point and will struggle to stay in League C.

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