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The 13-year-old was evacuated from a village near Kyiv. Intentionally killed by the Russians [ZDJĘCIA]

The 13-year-old was evacuated from a village near Kyiv.  Intentionally killed by the Russians [ZDJĘCIA]

The Russians occupied the village of Peremoha near Kievsky from 11 March. Another, the mother of a murdered teenager, told the BBC Russian soldiers agreed to evacuate 20 people after several requests from local residents. They promised that all these people would be able to leave the occupied city safely. Unfortunately, they did not keep their promise.

Elise was one of the victims of the Russian attack. His mother said in an interview with the British station that The Russians even called the evacuees. When they left the village, after a moment they were hit by missiles fired by the Russians. The teen’s mother managed to escape because she and her three-year-old son left in another car. Elsie was shot. The woman found her son’s body and buried him under a mulberry bush. Then the body was exhumed and placed in the cemetery in Barwari.

Oleksandra Matwijchuk, head of the non-governmental Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine, posted pictures on Twitter showing the boy’s clothes, which were hit by Russian bullets. The white cap and shirt were torn because of the deadly projectiles fired by the premeditated Russian criminals.

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“This is a hat of 13-year-old Elisei and a white shirt that he wore on his jacket so that the Russians could see that he was a civilian. His mother and three-year-old brother tried to leave the occupied village in the Kyiv region, but the Russians shot at the column.”

– I wrote.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office announced that as a result of the Russian invasion, 205 children have been killed and 367 injured in Ukraine so far.

Source:, BBC,

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