September 22, 2021

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The 80-year-old lost his driver's license.  Will you get another ride in the Subaru Impreza WRX?

The 80-year-old lost his driver’s license. Will you get another ride in the Subaru Impreza WRX?

As a general rule, seniors do not lose their driver’s license in the same way as an 80-year-old. He decided to ride with him The Subaru Imprezy WRX is from the ’90s and what can I say – I felt the power of this unique car! Car enthusiasts who say they always obey the speed laws are lying. Breaking the law only takes seconds, and moments of inattention can be costly.

Losing a driver’s license at the age of 80

The driver in question comes from Australia and that’s where he stopped. On a road that can move at a speed of 100 km / h, he was driving at a speed of 82 km / h. The police first measured his speed and then stopped him. The officers were surprised to see who was behind the wheel.

The man received a very large fine in the amount of 1814 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 1,300 US dollars, which is about 5,000 Polish zlotys. A higher fine is not everything, because the elderly will not be able to ride in the car for the next six months. He lost his driver’s license for six months, which means he won’t be in his Subaru Impreza WRX soon. Would you encourage him to sell it? Well, somewhat doubtful.

In Australia, the speed at which drivers are traveling has taken an interest lately. All thanks to the increasing number of fatal accidents this year. “Highway Patrols will continue to have a presence along major roads and interstate highways in rural cities, with particular attention to detecting speed, roadworthiness, drunk driving and drug use.” He writes to the local police about this incident.

Driving License

Searching for seniors?

In Poland, it is still often said that people over the age of 70 should be regularly tested for driving ability. If they do not meet the relevant criteria, this condition may be a reason for the individual to withdraw his driver’s license. However, there is still more controversy in this regard than the findings.

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Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that police statistics say one thing – these people are not the greatest danger on the roads. If so, these regulations would be introduced very quickly to protect other citizens of dangerous seniors at the wheel.

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