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The 9-year-old is no longer off the field. Volunteers found the body of a child – O2

The 9-year-old is no longer off the field.  Volunteers found the body of a child - O2

On June 1, 9-year-old Gino, who lives in Maastricht in the Netherlands, was staying with his sister in Kerkrade. In the afternoon the boy went to play with his peers in the playground near the house. Nothing foreshadowed the drama that was about to unfold.

This was where the 9-year-old was last seen. He was supposed to come back to the apartment at 7:30 PM, but he didn’t show up. Relatives of the child concerned reported his disappearance to the police. The services set off an amber alarm.

The police soon found that the children were accompanied by an adult while playing football on that unlucky day. According to the 9-year-old’s friends reports, the man was supposed to attack them, convince them in English that he is a football coach and praise Gino for his good performance. Later, Gino was scheduled to leave the field accompanied by a “coach”.

Hundreds of people, including volunteers, participated in the extensive search for the child. On Friday, a motorcycle that may have belonged to the missing person was found in a town a few kilometers from where Gino was last seen.

Another tragic breakthrough in the case was made on Saturday. In the morning in a house in the town of Jilin, 30 kilometers from Kerkrade Volunteers found the child’s body. The police suspect that he belongs to Gino. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

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