October 18, 2021

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The absence of World Organization doctors suggests that covit deaths in Brazil may have been prevented by basic measures

Brazil ignores measures to prevent corona virus infection, according to Medicines Sans Frontieres, world leader of the charity

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247 – In an interview with Folha de S. Paulo, Greek physician Cristos Cristo, the international head of the Medicine Sans Frontieres (MSF), said that a large portion of the 400,000 deaths caused by Covit-19 in Brazil could have been prevented if the country had adopted basic health. Activities. Prevention.

The organization assists in the fight against Govt-19 in 90 countries, including Brazil, and has extensive experience in infectious diseases. His view is that actions not taken in Brazil have acted globally.

“Many deaths and suffering could have been prevented in Brazil,” says Cristos Cristo. According to the president of Medicines Sans Frontieres, Brazil is the only country where people still use drugs in large quantities without scientific evidence, such as hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin, solutions that are more harmful than good to the people who use them.

Covid believes the federal government is responsible for the lack of any consistent message to protect itself from the scientific approach and integrated, centralized response.

“I can say that many deaths and sufferings may have been prevented in Brazil. I can not give you numbers, obviously models are designed, but we know that we can prevent many deaths, especially in areas where there are no products to get a very large number of patients. Serious ones,” said Dr. Christos. Says Cristo.

The places where people received the best guidance, message and clear communication on what to do and what not to do worked very well. Govt’s battlefield needs to function not only in hospitals, but also in communities and basic health systems.

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Deaths can be prevented, if they had made the basics in Brazil, “Follow the procedures that operate in many places. Public health measures include wearing a mask, avoiding unnecessary displacement, creating social distance, using consistent and clear messages and denying the severity of the disease, denying the disease. It is obvious that things could have been better in all countries. But at least not denying the disease and not ignoring what is happening in front of everyone’s eyes. You must have heard more science. We don’t know everything, but after a year of infection, we learned a lot. “

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