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The abused Onew escaped from his executioner. Now there is a battle for his health. help Wanted! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The abused Onew escaped from his executioner.  Now there is a battle for his health.  help Wanted!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Onew need our help! This beautiful dog ran away from his owners who had no heart for him. Onew ran with a chain around his neck, and ran into a car breaking his bones. An expensive surgery and rehabilitation is needed to get him back on his feet!

Onew need help!

Onysia’s story touches the heart. Full of love, the four-legged friend ran away from home, where love surely lacked him. Onew’s owners assaulted him. The tormented dog managed to escape from his tormentors. However, while he was running in search of a better life, he crashed into a car.

Onew with a chain around his neck ran away from his previous owners. Unfortunately, while escaping from Hell, he was hit by a car. He lost his fetish and suffered multiple fractures. Now we are trying to get it back on its feet, but without financial support from donors, it may not work – We read on the Facebook of Karmimy Psiaki Organization.

Fortunately, Onyś has found the organization Karmima Psiaki, who does everything in her power to help him! Cina has already undergone surgery, but tests have shown that she needs another. The cost of Onysia’s recovery is increasing, and help is needed!

There are moments when we feel completely helpless… The group is like magic, even though we regularly mention it on Facebook. We don’t know what to say to Onisia when we look at us with those huge confident eyes…
We promised him that we would not give up and we would fight for him. We hope for your support in this battle!

Let’s help Onysia!

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They had to take the abandoned dog out of the shelter. They didn’t come for him. Lazoric is urgently looking for a new home for his last days!

Man’s lack of compassion for animals knows no bounds. Old Lazorque was looking for a new home. When the shelter workers finally found a family for him, a sad event occurred. The future owners of the four-legged friend simply did not come for him …

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