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The Acura System is Pegasus’ “innocent” brother. 93% of the Internet is monitored by the US military


Remember these memes about every internet user having their own CIA agent who can keep you updated Following his activities on the Internet? Turns out there’s a lot more truth to them than you might think. Of course, not everyone has an agent, but each of us can be in control. The US accounts for 93% of all internet traffic.

The US monitors 93% of the internet through Augery

We’re talking about Acura’s software, and the possibilities are absolutely terrifying. According to security researchers, this is not about access to cookies, but about a person’s browsing history. This includes data from remote desktops and file sharing protocols and email data. However, here, it is worth paying attention to the difference between the message and the data related to its content. It should be even safer (according to the manufacturer), that the fact of correspondence with someone and the frequency with which it occurs, may in many specific cases be a clear suggestion of the topic of conversation.

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The network data includes data from more than 550 collection points around the world, to include collection points in Europe, the Middle East, North / South America, Africa and Asia, and is updated with at least 100 billion new records every day.

– Gives a description of Acura.

In light of these Team Cymru reports, Acura’s creators released the following statement:

The Augury Platform is not intended to track specific users or user activity. In particular, the platform lacks the information needed to link registries to users. Our platform does not provide information about users or subscribers, and does not provide results that show any lifestyle, preventing it from being used to target people.

Our platform is further limited by only intercepting a limited sample of available data and allowing queries only against limited samples and limited data from third parties providing malware, malicious activity, honeypots, scanning and feeds about it. Results are still limited in terms of the scope and amount of data returned.

So, according to the creators, the program monitors, but what malware and hackers do. How to separate that and how a given action is triggered by a third party remains a mystery here. So in theory, the spy tool isn’t as invasive as the popular Pegasus… but I really doubt any of you can be assured of that. Whether we like it or not, online anonymity is a fantasy. Even when you take care of it, tools like Auguras — despite their purported privacy values ​​— routinely corrupt what’s left of us.


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