September 23, 2021

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The Audi TT was burnt out from the car sharing.  It lasted about two days

The Audi TT was burnt out from the car sharing. It lasted about two days

On Thursday, August 26, Panek joined her show in Warsaw Audi TT first generation. The German roadster from 2001 with a 1.8-liter 150-horsepower engine is certainly not today’s speed demon, but for many it may be an interesting opportunity to ride a stylish roofless car. could because of Friday night, the car caught fire.

– & Hersp; We don’t know the exact causes of the fire yet. These will only be available after expert examination, says Leszek Leśniak, Panek spokesperson.

– However, we know from the vehicle performance monitoring system that Before the fire, the car was used very intensively. In Wisłostrada, the driver was driving 174 km / h, and the engine speed exceeded 5000 rpm. As a result of the accident, nothing happened to the man who was driving the car or to the other person who drove it – adds Leszek Laignac.

The images provided to us by Panek show that the Audi is completely burnt out, and it is likely that the fire affected the rear of the car and the passenger compartment first. In December 2020, Panek . company presentation was presented Porsche Cayman It didn’t last even a day. The car was involved in the collision, although another driver is responsible for the crash.

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