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The beetle begins to pollinate. The program starts in May

The beetle begins to pollinate.  The program starts in May

– We are convinced that vaccinating employees in the workplace will bring many benefits from the point of view of reducing the epidemic in Poland – comments by Thomas Degtrovsky, Director of Pay and Benefits at the Pedronka Network.

As of May 27, any employee interested in the network can register for the vaccination. How will this be done?

We have launched a procedure for the Biedronka staff, which will ensure that vaccines are easily available at our medical partner Polmed’s points. It’s a proven professional company, and we’re sure they’ll handle the job efficiently and quickly – explains Dejtrowski.

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Employees can sign up for the Pedronka Network vaccination program by contacting the program coordinator, who will provide information on this topic to Polmed. Polmed representatives will contact each person individually, determining the date and place of vaccination.

As the network reminds us, the vaccination program for employees matches the requirements of employees associated with the company’s trade unions.

Already in April of this year, after the government announced a plan to introduce vaccines into companies, it officially announced its willingness to join the program. She even wrote a letter to the government. – What we wrote about money. We even found a letter from the company’s board of directors to Minister Mishau Dorczyk, the coordinator of the national vaccination program. However, there was no answer. The government is just now launching a workplace vaccination campaign.

How is this process going? A large percentage of the population has a specific history or has already been vaccinated with the first or second dose. We ran and ran surveys about companies that want to join the vaccination program – said Olga Semenyuk, Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology at the Money. This is important. I do not know that the group of these willing companies will decrease. Maybe not in front of the cameras, but these vaccinations are done.

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