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The big chain will shorten the opening hours of the stores. The reason for the increase in electricity prices

The big chain will shorten the opening hours of the stores.  The reason for the increase in electricity prices

From November, dozens of Netto Polska stores will be operating for one hour. – This relates to early closing or subsequent opening, depending on the store, and applies to those establishments where traffic in the morning or evening hours is less – according to Patricia Kameska, Director of Public Relations at the Polish branch of Netto.

Today, Netto – having recently absorbed Tesco Polska – operates a network of about 650 stores in our country. This means that opening hours will be shortened by several or twelve percent or so per cent of the operator’s discount stores in Poland.

Netto is the first major grocery chain to take such a step in Poland. Last week, the Aldi network reported the shorter hours of operation, but in Germany, not in our country.

It is already officially known that Aldi Nord stores will be open for shorter periods from November. “Aldi Nord is the first food retailer in Germany to adjust store opening hours, thus effectively contributing to energy savings. From 01/11/22 these stores will close at 20:00. This applies initially to the winter period 2022/2023” – The company informed in a press release.

The German press reported that neither Edica nor Lidl would make similar moves for the time being. Since the beginning of September, Germany has passed a law according to which public buildings are heated up to a maximum of 19 ° C. This also applies to large commercial establishments. This measure is to reduce gas consumption by 2 percent.

In Poland, no guidelines on the heating method have been presented yet. However, in grocery stores, heating is not the most energy consuming. As said Ryszard Wysokiński, head of investor relations/strategic expansion at Kaufland Polska Markety, to amortize at least 50 percent. Electricity on the market corresponds to cooling.

Companies have reported that their energy bills have often increased by several hundred percent. Although the Sejm passed a law freezing energy prices in 2023 at a level of no more than 785 PLN per 1 megawatt-hour, and it applies to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from it.

Grocery stores will not be subject to the discounted rate. At the moment, some save themselves by contracts concluded earlier, but there is no doubt that sooner or later they will feel the increase.

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Remember, grocery stores significantly extended their hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, but then did not make drastic changes to reduce hours. Netto discounts usually close at 22:00, but some Danish chain stores are open until 23:00.

Lidl stores operate in a similar way, but some discount stores in Biedronka are open until 23:30. In Germany, other retail chains have not yet decided to go the Aldi route. Will the same situation happen in Poland, where retailers are afraid to make drastic decisions in order to fight for the customer?

Magda Guawaka

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