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The big lie of FIFA and the Qataris. They don’t even try to hide it

The big lie of FIFA and the Qataris.  They don't even try to hide it

The FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar on Sunday. There are only two days left of the tournament, and it can already be called historical. All because of the scandalous antics of the organizers and FIFA, which were widely known long before the opening whistle in the opening match. The Qataris are accused of corruption and violations of human rights and minorities, and they throw under the rug the fact that thousands of workers were killed during the construction of their stadiums.

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We questioned the circumstances under which Qataris themselves watch the World Cup

FIFA is openly lying about the World Cup in Qatar. Increase attendance in stadiums. beyond the power of things

The tournament itself is initially an organizational mess. Starting from the roads leading to the stadium, through the areas admirer To the extremely difficult work of media representatives. Davout Chemzak, one of our correspondents, writes for about the dramas found by people who have been to Qatar >>>. However, FIFA is doing its best to convince the world that Qatar is the ideal host for the most important football event in the world. In her scandalous antics, she is willing to go above and beyond to lie to the masses.

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Many Western European media, such as the “Daily Mail”, reported that FIFA overestimated the attendance during the first two days of the World Cup. In the opening match, Qatar faced Ecuador. Poor hosts Game deservedly lost 0-2. And according to FIFA, their defeat was followed live the stadium Ahl al-Bayt 67,372 supporters. The problem is that this facility can only hold 60,000 people. fans.

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Is it just wrong? It could be considered so, but FIFA quickly dispelled doubts. On Tuesday, it was reported that the Netherlands-Senegal match (2-0) in Group A was watched by exactly 41,721. However, the capacity of Al-Thumama Stadium in Doha is only 40,000. Highchairs. Moreover, a lot of pictures appeared on the web, showing that the stadium was completely empty. There is no doubt then that FIFA is trying at any cost to convince everyone that the tournament has been a great success, when in fact it has failed massively.

The numbers theoretically matching matches played in Group B, where England beat Iran 6-2 (45,334 spectators over 45,416 at Khalifa International Stadium), and Wells – A 1-1 draw with the United States of America (43,418 spectators at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, with a capacity of 44,740 spectators).

The low attendance at the World Cup matches in Qatar is not surprising. In addition to the aforementioned controversy And a kind of boycott of the championship, economic factors must be taken into account. A trip to Arabia is a pleasure that not everyone can afford. Poles have to pay up to PLN 900 for tickets to our team’s matches. In addition to this, flight, accommodation and meals or sightseeing related to the World Cup, we are talking about expenses of several thousand zlotys.

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